Oh man, I was thinking about what if Jesus was rapping about topics of today and about 30 mins later this video showed up on the side list of YouTube, at random after watching about 20 christian rap videos that was unrelated to my thought in my mind… Oh Daddy God you heard my thought […]

Thank you Soulja Donna, an Child of YHWH, for sharing this powerful and encouraging song. Soulja Squad, After I listen to the the song below that Donna, shared with me yesterday, the Holy Spirit placed the following message on my heart to share with you guys, (Message below video) God’s Message Soulja Squad of YHWH […]

Many of you have requested to hear my testimony. Well, wait no longer I created the video! to share the Love story of Jesus found within my life testimony. This video was hard for me to do but I trusted God and prayed that the Holy Spirit would give the words to speak before I […]