Welcome To Soulja of Hope, I am your platform host Nico,

What is S.o.H? Well, it is a lifestyle moment that you can partake in by living out your life here on earth for Christ Jesus.

Nico, is the lead author here at souljaofhope.com Nico, has had a rough life from living as a gangster serving the street life to dying from an overdose to Jesus Christ, saving Nico, from eternal damnation in hell. Even though Nico, cried out to Jesus in hell and Jesus responded and gave Nico, a second chance here on earth. Nico, After Jesus Christ pulled Nico, back out of hell Nico, did not uphold his promise to serve Jesus instead Nico became an satanist for many years. Nico died at the age of 16 and even though Jesus Christ, pulled Nico, back out of hell, it wasn’t until Nico became 33 that Nico, fell to his knees and gave himself over to the will of God the most high on the Throne of Heaven.

Ten years ago Nico, started the movement ministry to showcase that if God can spare Nico, and love Nico, even though Nico, totally turned his back on Christ Jesus, for many years even though Jesus didn’t stop loving Nico, and wanted better for Nico, but Nico, needed that Jesus moment in life to wake up to the goodness God wants for everyone here on earth. So, the Soulja of Hope platform is Nico’s collaboration with Jesus Christ, to bring you the realness of what it is to be an authentic Christian that is not perfect but serves a perfect God.

The name “Soulja of Hope” is in honor of Jesus Christ, because Jesus is the truest Soulja of Hope after all Jesus has done and endured to bring salvation to mankind.