Blog Update: I am Resetting The Blog content and the direction of the blog

I have actually reset the content on the blog once before because I didn’t feel the content was the kind of content that was geared towards the end goal of sharing Christ fully. I have to admit as I already admitted before in a recent post (which is deleted now) that I was writing content for the sake of content then, I took a long hiatus from writing and recently came back to write again. God recently approached me and asked me too write more Kingdom minded content that is centered around teaching His word for better understanding, for so many people struggle with how to apply God’s word to their daily lives.

I have been avoiding my calling for about two years now because of the many unknown factors. Because of my avoidance I was also displaying lack of faith in my Christian walk. Which is not a good testimony for a blog centered around Christian content. Not to long ago I was wearing the baseball cap that has Soulja 4 Christ on the front of the hat that Ana had custom made for me a year ago. A person asked me what was the meaning behind my hat.

I replied the following to the person, that soulja 4 Christ wasn’t just a meaning to me, but more of a daily lifestyle, a lifestyle because when you ask Christ into your heart and are willing to go through the change process to become more Christ like with a lifestyle change that the inner war begins and that it takes a soldier mindset to push forward, because our soul is at stake so when I thought of the soul aspect and soldier mindset aspect the two words merged together like a bright light bulb above my head and that is how the spelling “Soulja” come about. But the soul, and soldier, aspect needed a meaning behind it and Christ, is our option for redemption because He died on the cross. So,the Soul, and Soldier, Aspect with the meaning of what Christ did for mankind on the cross became a lifestyle meaning which is “Soulja 4 Christ”

The statement became more real then ever before when I explained this aspect to the person asking me. God Also asked me a couple years back to teach this mindset aspect to others by researching the bible and helping others understand that the word of God is foremost his heart towards mankind over religious aspects that require following religious rituals that doesn’t bring the person attuned with God himself. because the more attuned our minds become towards God the more we as individuals will want to honor God in our daily lives, by living out our lives that bring Honor back to God out of gratitude of what Jesus Christ had done on the cross for us.

So, as I thought about what I just explained above for the past few weeks I come to the realization that the content posted on the Soulja 4 Christ blog, doesn’t promote this aspect of the Christian faith walk that is needed in our everyday lifestyle as a person strives to live for God in a more Christ like manner. I understand that not all of the subscribed readers of the soulja 4 Christ, blog is, going to back this decision and that is okay because I want to honor God and because God asked me to reset the blog that is what I did before my flesh side got in the way of not doing so.

If you decide to un-follow I am sad that you left and for the subscribed readers that choose to stay I am still seeking God how to go about the content offered on this blog and it will take time for me to discover my blogging voice. So, please bear with me. I do plan to have a blogging schedule and I am trying to fit that into my personal schedule that is quite busy right now and looks to become more busier as time presses onward.

I will update the readers when I figure out the post scheduling. Yes I am known for starting projects and not following through all the way and this is an aspect that will need to change within me.


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