Blog Update: Blog Under construction

Please bear with us, For the lack of blog posts right now. Rome wasn’t built in a day!. Hello everyone this is Pyrx, and I wanted to give you a quick update I currently have a full schedule and I am working on writing content with the little off time I have each day.

I start my mornings at 4 am to spend a hour or more with God everyday, by nightfall I feel like I am drowning in coffee to just stay awake late at night to research for a more enriched faith walk with God and so I can achieve my calling from God to write content that is centered around teaching others about Yahweh, while trying to complete my day by day schedule I am also dealing with transformation within as well because of the word of God, is completing change within me daily.

During late 2015 I went to God in tears and asked Him, in prayer to help me step into my calling shoes and by late 2018 God answered me directly about that prayer from 2015 with the following video below.

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