Blog Update: New Blog Header, New Background, New Prayer Request Email Form

Hello everyone, My hopes are your day was well!

Recently I deleted all the content on this blog and I wrote the reason here I also thought it would be a good time to refresh the look of the blog to help promote the visual aspect that this blog is geared towards Christian content that is geared with sharing “Kingdom Minded” content to help others grow closer in their faith walk with God (Jehovah)

New Blog Header

I created a new blog header image in Photoshop to give a clear visual appearance of the key information about the Soulja 4 Christ Blog.

About The Visual Aspect Of The Blog Name:

I choose to use a graffiti font that has the drip effect for Christ, bleed for mankind as well, died on the cross. So, I wanted to contribute by displaying that Christ’s blood washes over our sins when we have a repentant heart. I also choose the color red for the word “Christ” to display the power Jesus Christ’s blood has for mankind.

Precise Short Tagline:

I choose to go with a short tagline to display upfront that this blog is geared towards “Kingdom Minded” content.

Cartoon Author Avatar:

I also choose to display the cartoon Avatar of me with the pen name written on the hat that I created with Bitmoji, on my phone. So, readers know the face of the author as well the pen name I go by, Which is “Pyrx” (Pie-Rex) So, when I reply in the comment section The reader can visually recognize the blog authors involvement within the blog community.

New Background And Prayer request (Email Form):

I choose a new theme that allows a background image with the blog content to overlay over the background image in a readable fashion. I choose “God Is Love” because I wanted the background to be a positive message as well a precise message that this blog is a Christian based content blog.

New Prayer Request (Email Form):

I also created a new page that offers a way to request prayer directly to me through email. I will also be posting daily prayer posts as well and anyone can leave a prayer request in the comment section of the daily prayer posts I will begin to publish for each day. (More on the post aspect of daily prayer in a separate post) The page option will also co-aside to offer for anyone not comfortable leaving a prayer request via the comment option in the comment section of the the daily prayer posts, then this way the person can click on the link found at the bottom of those posts to send a more private prayer request directly to me and if the person chooses to provide their email address I will respond back to them directly by email with a written prayer response.

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