Blog Update 4-12-19

Pyrx, Is Feeling Depressed

undefinedHello everyone I wanted to give an update why there hasn’t been new content. I am not looking for attention or pitty I just want to be real with the readers for struggles in life are certainly real at times.

Some may know and many may not, last year I went through a ugly divorce after spending 19 yrs with a woman I ended getting married too. After I found out about the affair many lies begin to come to light and one of the lies she hid for years was she saw me as someone that gave her acess to someone (my step-dad at the time) that was married to my mom. My wife at the time admitted she stayed with me and married me to stay under the radar unnoticed that she was seeking after my step dad and he as well was doing the same.

I mean she went as far to dedicated this song to me after I found out about the affair and the song layric’s clearly state she was never really into me and I had to accept that those 19 yrs where fake on her end it just kills me within that I wasted half my life with someone like that because I was blineded by love blinders and my mother became affected by all this. (Video Below)

I felt when I found out and I am still struggling with the fact that I was used in this manner and yes, to an extent I allowed it because God told me to run from the wedding cermony before she came to the alter to marry me but, I ignored the promptings of the Holy Spirit, and remianed at the chruch and married my now ex-wife.

What still eats at me is about a year into our marriage my wife at the time said to me I don’t see our marriage lasting even 5 yrs and it didn’t because by the 4th year we were in court getting divorced because she wasn’t willing to reconcile our marriage because she said to me in her mind our marriage was nothing to her it was just a reason to have access to my step-dad at the time.

I am Tired Of The Same Old Love Being Recycled

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