God Asked Are You A True Soulja 4 Christ?

Long Journey Alone
Personal Long Journey

One day back in 2015 I was at my breaking point and I was truly upset nothing was going well, and life was becoming harder by the day. By 2017 that hard life was now feeling like the four walls of life was closing around me and it appeared that life situations were going to crush me and make an example out of me before everyone I knew at the time. As I held the bottle of pills to my lips the following message from God came to my mind.

Precious son, life wasn’t easy for my only Son Jesus Christ, either but, He set forth to live out the living word and the Holy Spirit helped my Son Jesus, That same Holy Spirit I have also given to my other children as a gift to reside within them. So, why are you so dismayed when the mighty God that helped David defeat Goliath, will I not help you defeat your life Goliath’s?

Son, your soul is at risk because there is a spiritual war for your soul just like it is for everyone else’s souls within the world. So, son are you a follower of Christ’s examples? or are you going to be a Soulja for Christ!!! and continue to live out His examples and continue to pave the way for my living word to be living through you so I can reach other lost Soulja’s on the battlefield. Because like I said their is war for souls and the harvest field is plentiful and the workers are light.

God Himself

When God spoke this message to me back in late 2017 I realized there is a mission to complete for God, and that mission is to call out to the slumbered Soulja’s for Jehovah’s army. it isn’t going to be easy for the devil will hate me for completing God’s commissioned calling upon my life and many humans are going to be against me living for God and yes, I have had friends and family turn their backs on me already for they hate the fact I want to live and fight the great fight for God. Even though God does fight majority of the battle there is still room for the person that is an child of God to show their obedience through pure worship while living out the Living Word of God to reach the slumbered Soulja’s within their social circle.

The battle plan for this blog is to document the hard battle of being an true bond servant for Jehovah, and to encourage other humans no matter the hardness of that battle before them that God will not forsake His children in their time of need on the very battlefield He called them too.

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