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This post is an continuation of the blog update 1 post

Many people that know me in person know I am big on communication and I wanted to communicate to the readers that this blog has been in limbo for a while now and the reason is, I was running from my calling in life From God, due to fear and a bunch of what if’s but, no one else can fill my calling shoes that God has handed me and I have an unique blogging stand point and blogging voice just like other people do in the motivation arena of blogging.

There has been many motivational material Christian and non christian material that has re-spark the encouragement flame within me even at my lowest points in life. For example late last year I, woke up to a notification on my phone for a YouTube video that is motivational material but that video had a lot of answers to a bold prayer I spoke back in 2015 to God., but this video didn’t come to my attention until late 2018. So, my prayer felt unanswered for 3 years.

When I come across the video above I, was at a low point in life wondering why I was on this earth for? For being here has not been a good life due to many things I have experienced in life. I grew into a mindset I am here to become victimized by other humans. I, unfortunately believed this very lie from satan up until recently.

Even though I came across this video late last year I, started to work in the background with creating the needed change in my life with God, to break away from the negative mindset. This change process has been the hardest thing I have ever started to complete in my life, but I have started to notice that the change has sparked new opportunities in my life and God will surely bring more.

You see the reason I mention about this mindset change is because most people would claim it is the most inappropriate time to do so when everyday for the past 6 months life has been becoming harder due to bad decisions I have made in the past year due to the fact I, did not allow God to be part of that decision making in my life and now I must own up to those mistakes I have made and work with God to make what I can right on those bad decisions.

Before I would wake up depressed and now after months later of working in the background with God meaning staying away from the blog as I grew closer to God. I, can now see that each day is a new day to right the wrongs in my life and learn how to become closer to God through the living word. *Bible*

My Goal For This Blog

My goal is the following ↓

  • To help others learn and understand the bible
  • To encourage others to continue fighting the great fight alongside God
  • To help teach others how to change their mindset to become more “Kingdom Minded” according to Romans 12:2 (Renewing of the mind)
  • Documentation of my faith walk progress in a format that can help others become closer to Jehovah,

I am sure some may be questioning what qualifies me to write such. Well, First off God is not looking for the qualified He is looking for obedience to His guidance. My vast life experiences gives me an unique position to relate to others in many aspects. My hopes are that by God using my obedience that God will authenticate through me in person and an online presence.

I am hoping it will open up a platform online and in person where I have the opportunity to become a motivational speaker that brings forth the bible teachings in a unique way that draws the mass towards Jehovah and leaves individuals more informed than before they came in contact with the motivational material with out watering down the truth of the living word.

I have ideas how to complete such task but cannot speak about it at this point for I am waiting to see if my ideas are inline with the word of God for I am in preference that God takes the lead in my life, for before I have made many decisions without involving God first in the decision making process and those ideas have back fired or I became burnt out.


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