Blog Update: The Real Face Behind S4C Blog

Hello fellow souljaz, 😊

This evening the Holy Spirit came to me and asked something I felt was hard of me to complete. My following conversation with the Holy Spirit can be found below.

Holy Spirit: Son, The Lord has a request for you, are you willing to obey?

Me: Okay Lord what is the request?

Holy Spirit: The Lord, is requesting the real you to come forth!!!

Me: Huh? Lord, I’m lost haven’t, I been real already???

Holy Spirit: Yes, you have been real, but Jehovah, wants you to take it to the next level to build more connections and trust.

Me: Okay? So, how do I complete this new level of connections and trust?

Holy Spirit: Stop Hiding!

Me: ??? πŸ˜•

Holy Spirit: Meaning your online avatar and blog pen name.

Me: Lord this is asking a lot of me you know my insecurities.

Holy Spirit: Jehovah, does indeed, but He also knows what is best!

Me: Okay Lord, I will obey but what should I do and what name?

Holy Spirit: Jehovah, says a real picture of you! And your first name instead of an online alias pen name.

Me: 😲😲😲

(Paused in shock)

Holy Spirit: The Lord, will be there every step of the way but, it is time you start to step further into your calling and the calling that Jehovah, destined you for requires this to be done, so, people will see a person they can connect and relate with instead of a cartoon avatar you made in an app.

Me: Okay Lord, I will obey and get the changes done. 😊

Many that know me in person know I am a shy person and I don’t like sharing much of me online. But the Lord has said this is a requirement for realness to be there as I, share content about Jehovah, I do agree with the Lord, hiding behind a pen name and cartoon avatar image does give the impression of not being real with the readers instead of displaying a connectable realness by displaying the real me as the avatar and by writing with my God given name instead of an online alias name.

The Real Me

Hello, My Name is Mike,

Hello World my name is Mike, aka formerly known as Pyrx. My hopes are by uploading an image of me and by using my God given name I can begin to build a better relatable connection with the readers of S4C, and that in-return will build a better foundation of credibility with the content I share here on this blog. 😊


  1. It’s nice to see your face Mike! Thanks for all your many visits to my blog. Love what you’ve done with yours! You keep revamping yours each time I visit. I keep wondering how do I step my game up when I see blogs like yours. Have an amazing Sunday my friend!

    – Sherline. Peace (deuces sign)! πŸ™‚

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