My Reply To Nightshade 130 ⧉ It’s nice to see your face Mike! Thanks for all your many visits to my blog. Love what you’ve done with yours! You keep revamping yours each time I visit. I keep wondering how do I step my game up when I see blogs like yours. Have an amazing Sunday my friend!

Sherline. Peace (deuces sign)! 🙂

(On the right is Nightshade 130’s avatar)

Hello Sherline, Aka Nightshade 130

It is a pleasure to hear from you! And you’re welcome for visiting your blog. I enjoy reading and watching the content you provide. Thank you for the compliment and for the nice remarks about the S4C, blog.

When it comes to blogging we can become trapped in the Jones effect, for instance the neighbor got a new riding lawn mower so other neighbor’s follow suit as well.

I’ll admit I got trapped up by this attitude, and it affected me where I was never settled within and kept changing the look of my blog, but my readership wasn’t growing either and the content was lacking here at the S4C, blog. I visited your blog today and I was impressed by the simplicity of your blog, it is straight forward and to the point and I really like this about your blog.

I do have one improvement remark, and that is your menu is a bit overwhelming with information overload and this is a turn off for most individuals. You usually have less than 30 seconds to capture your reader and the title of the blog post is, usually the sweet spot area for your blog to capture their attention and if there is a cluttered menu bar, before your blog title then this can scare off potential blog subscribers.

I recommend creating a page where you can provide your links in categories, In a header format and provide your various links this way under each header category on one page then you can in-return have a clutter-free menu bar that is more friendly for your readers . I truly believe that over time readers will stay longer because the information in the menu section is consolidated in a more reader friendly format.

Thank you for stopping by my friend and may your Sunday be blessed as well.



  1. Thanks for your feedback. I had to re-read it and realize omg…you know what you’re right. My menus are kind of overloaded lol. well, I’ll fix it up at some point. I haven’t had much time lately to really revamp my blog but I’ve definitely noted what you’ve said. I confess, I’m a little lazy to change what’s already done…but I’m sure when I have longer holidays, I’ll get round to it. Thanks for your honest feedback 🙂 God Bless! btw, I’m cool with both your avatar and the real you face lol 🙂


    1. Hello, Nightshade130, You’re welcome for the honest feedback. A lot of individuals are afraid to offend and sugarcoat feedback. I admit the feed back could be taken in the post as a brutal call out on another blogger.

      Depending on the readers interpretation, I honestly didn’t sugarcoat the feedback because I want to help you improve your blog for your readers and for you as a blogger.

      May God continue to bless you on your journey call to serve Him and to spread His word unto others. 😊


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