2 Years In Progress (Weight Lose Journey)

It surely has been a rough struggle, but the benefits are worth it. I started out at 401 lbs and I am currently at 285 lbs with no surgery involved it was completely a life change process.

I have already gone down ten pant sizes I started at waist size 50 and I am currently at waist size 40. This journey has brought me closer to Jehovah, because without His strength I wouldn’t be where I am now. I say this because I couldn’t walk but a couple feet when I first started this journey 2 years ago. Ana, pushed at me telling me to Soulja up if I really wanted to see results.

I’ll admit at first I was mad at her and yet yesterday I walked 10 miles that is a huge milestone compared to an couple years back with just walking a couple feet. Ana has been my cheerleader here on earth While God has been my cheerleader in Heaven.
I am very thankful for both aspects of the cheer leading because there were times I just wanted to throw in the towel, and now I walk daily and I am starting to do daily exercises that I can do, due to the fact I did damage my knees from getting so big.

I am sharing this because I want to inspire others that no matter what you are facing. If, you put your mind to it and fight the good battle you will see results, the results are not always going to be upfront, there will be times they are unseen and you must continue to push through the pain physical or emotional. God will not let you fail, failure only comes from giving up. So, I say to whom ever is ready this, it is your time to “Soulja Up” and chase after your goals.

Soulja Up!


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