Open Letter To Ana,

Mike, & Ana,

Ana, First off ” I Love You!!! ” Ana, you are truly a gift from God, your Christ like love for others is infectious and I truly love this about you. Ana, this past year and half I have been in a real rough spot and I couldn’t believe in myself at times, but, yet you still believed in me and would tell me push forward no matter what. Because of your determination to push me when I didn’t want to push in life, caused me to lose 116 lbs ⧉ in just under two years.

A blast from the past

Ana, I remember the first time I laid my eye’s upon you, you had on a very nice red summer dress and I was by the next day walking past your house as we were both teenagers playing this song on my boom box to boldly let you know I saw you the day before and I wanted to be your boyfriend.

Ana, as you know the story we broke up as teenagers and went on our separate ways for twenty plus years. Then recently ran into each other at the bus depot.

Back to the current time frame

Ana, after not seeing you for so many years I had wonder if I could prove to you I made a mistake when I walked out of your life that many years back for another woman. I wondered if you would even forgive me after the dick move I pulled when I broke up with you back then.

To my surprise I was going through a brutal public break up with my wife at the time because I caught her cheating and even though I did try and reconcile with her, she still picked the other man. I was facing the streets and you went above and beyond to accommodate me with a room in your home. I’ll admit your kindness placed hot coals in my lap and that was because I knew many years back I walked out on you while pregnant with our son,

Ana, enough about the painful past, Since I have gotten back with you I have watched you transform from a broken woman that came out of an abusive relationship to becoming an confident woman that you are today. I truly believe God brought us back together because you are my soul mate like Eve, was to Adam, Ana, as teenagers I made a bold statement through the song above I had my eye on you. But we are more mature now and this song explains a lot more how I feel about us.

Ana, I have been in a bad head space for the past few years and yet you remain beside me and I truly cannot express how thankful I am that God placed you back in my life. My hopes are now that I am coming out of the bad head space I can display to you how thankful I get to be apart of your life and watch how God matures you daily. because every day it is like watching a beautiful rose go through the growth process.

I love you very much Ana,


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