Mission Statement

Author: Side note, This mission statement is not just a ministry statement but a statement that any Christian willing to live for God full-time (daily life routines) can adopt into their daily lives and improve upon daily by the leadership of Jesus Christ.

Being a Soulja of Hope is not a religious statement. No, it is a lifestyle that boldly displays to others you are in a relationship with God and that you are like Jesus, in the manner that you are about completing your Heavenly Fathers business here on earth like Jesus Christ had done. While it brings pure worship back unto Jehovah through your daily and constant Christ, like behavior in private and public atmospheres

Living out the lifestyle of being a Soulja of Hope, is not about living like any of us are better than the next person. No, it is about searching the battlefield for wounded and lost souls and being the ministering ambassadors for God, and to minister His love and Hope unto mankind even if the human side of us, doesn’t agree. As a Soulja of Hope, the lifestyle must be lived out by the spirit within us, or we are just faking it until we think we will make it.

He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation. Mark 16:15

Bible Scripture Mark 16:15

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