Blog Update: 8-21-19

Hello fellow Souljaz, 😊

I am currently working on some behind the scenes stuff right now this is the following behind the scenes stuff I am creating for this website/blog

S4C, is still at the beginning stages because for the past two years I have ran from my calling due to the fact of many fear factors. For the past few months Jehovah has been transforming me behind the scenes and I do plan to share the transformation details as God see’s fit, because it is always about His perfect timing.

Current Projects

  • About Page
    Creating a page that explains more abut S4C and the author.
  • Support Us Page
    I am creating a page that will house the HTML code to grab our newly created logo as a button for the S4C, readers that would like to volunteer and spread the awareness about our presence on the internet.
  • Got God? Page
    I am creating a landing page called Got God? for anyone to land upon or share with others so they can have a means of understanding Jehovah’s stance on His love for mankind and an invitation to ask God in to their heart.

Our Logo Got Updated Also

I made a small update to the Logo at the bottom as well color correction. The reason for this change is because when I come across Isaiah 41:10. I couldn’t help but notice that the Holy Spirit was pointing out to me that this scripture was a backing scripture to our ministry and movement cause. So I went ahead and added Isaiah 41:10 at the bottom of the logo. I also made the color correction via the top and bottom star ribbon

Currently Jamming too and Reading The Following Book

Marv He’s Able Ft Marcus Rogers

Been jamming on repeat for 2 days strong! This song has been lifting away the depression cloud as well the song has been energizing me to want to love God on a deeper level.

I actually wrote a post inspired by this song. Post → {JEHOVAH Is ABLE!!!⧉}

Current Book I am Reading Via Amazon Kindle Book App

I receive NO Benefit Factor from any sale proceeds Via This Book Embed

My Book Rating

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I bought the book via Amazon for $0.99 and I must say the price is great for the detailed information the book provides. I read the previous book that, this book concept is based off. I am finding this book information to be very useful in my personal and public lifestyle since they both are intertwined due to my Christian lifestyle and moving towards full-time ministry for Jehovah.

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