S4C Christian Blogger Recommendation Week 1

This week’s 4 Christian Blog’s Shared

Sherline’s Watcha Thinkin’ Blog ⧉

S.4.C. Side Note: I have been reading “Sherline’s Watcha Thinkin’ Blog” for quite some time now and the Lord has plenty of times helped this author write for His glory to re-energize me as a wounded soulja.

Pure Glory ⧉

S.4.C. Side Note: I have been a follower of the “Pure Glory blog” for a long time now, and this blog is always geared towards Glorifying the Lord and it never lacks in this department.

Barnes Is Life ⧉

S.4.C. Side Note: I haven’t been following “Barnes Is Life blog” very long but, the content shared via “Barnes Is Life” brings a new prospective to the mind for meditation for today’s living scenarios, that, even is still inline with the Word of God.

Running the Race⧉

S.4.C. Side Note: I haven’t been following the “Running The Race Blog” for long, but, I love the wisdom series the author has been posting because it challenges the perspective aspect of how we utilize wisdom as individuals.


    1. Pure Glory, You’re welcome! and thank you, for all the encouraging content you share. I say this because there has been many times that the Lord has spoken to me through your content relating to a situation I was facing at the time.

      It is not easy being a Christian at times and as scripture say’s iron sharpens iron, (Proverbs 27:17) and the true beaut of this aspect is another person may not even know they are speaking to or about a situation that one person or many people are facing but yet, God knows the situation(s) and the Pure Glory, team’s obedience to post uplifting content enriches the surrounding online community in the iron sharpens iron, aspect.

      Thank you again for stopping by and for all your support this last few years.

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