America Do You See What Is Going On?

As a Christian my heart is sadden by the deceit behind the word Christianity… It sickens me to tell people that I am a Christian because of the loose term Christianity has become.

It sickens me because so many people claim now days that they are a Christian but take no notice to the price Jesus Christ, paid on the cross for a person to proudly say

“I am Christian” that is forgiven by Jesus’s action on the cross”

Meaning that the person is a Child of God and that they want to spread the love, but instead many claim they are a Christian but are concerned with what is the next hottest trending hash-tag.

Being a Christian is not easy at all, being a Christian is being a Soulja minded individual that will be willing to lay down anything including their own life if need be to spread the love of God.

Now days I see Americanized Christianity meaning everyone can be a Christian and take no notice to the word of God and break God’s heart in the process.

Yes I am an American but I don’t bow to the meaning of the flag, NO America is my temporary home so I bow to the God of Heaven my true HOME

I do however appreciate the individual people that have served for our country, but I cannot stand behind the country in its self that doesn’t serve vets with respect after they leave from the military.

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