Teck, Keeping It Real With You (100 Series) Post 1

Teck (100) Series

I dread every December because people’s fakeness goes on overdrive…

One of the very fakeness that saddens my heart is where I know people that want nothing to do with God January thru November but come December will mention a lot on various social media outlets that we shouldn’t forget about the reason for the season which is Jesus Christ.

But what about Jesus Christ, dying on the cross for our sins? doesn’t that action alone cause for the season of believing in God January Thru November? and not just December only…

People we cannot wear “Jesus Christ” like it is some kind of social media promotional clothing to sprinkle goodness into our follower count on various social media outlets come December and ignore God the rest of the year without being a hypocrite in the long run.

Tis’ The Season For Being Real With Ourselves

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