Slumbered Souls Arise From The Battle Cry Of Love

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I am not the person I was 6 days ago and the credit goes to God, God’s love truly changes “ALL” aspects of our lives if we allow His seed of love to penetrate us deep within in us.

As I experience God’s love I find myself wanting more of it! Facebook friends and family members join me in the journey of life change that can only come from God. Jump off the pathway of insanity that only produces the exact same outcome each and every time we try to change the result in our own strength.

The devil knows your name but calls you by your sins and yet Jesus knows your sins and calls you by your name and God doesn’t stop their!!! God claims you as His “Chosen”

The love message of God is not to condemn you it is to lift you up and bring forth organic life changes that will change you and through you with His mighty love and power to bring forth change into the world.

Oh slumber spirits hear the battle cry of love that God wants to pour into you and into others through you. You may be thinking I am too lost or not qualified but, God say’s nothing is impossible in my name sake! and I am not looking for the qualified I am looking for the willing.


Lord, I come before you sinful and broken. I want to experience your love Lord, I forgive what others have done to me and I forgive myself for the things I am guilty of, Oh, Lord, I hear you knocking at the door of my spirit, hear the reply of my battle cry to experience your love like I have never seen or felt before Search within my heart Lord, and help me discover my true identity through your Son Jesus Christ.Amen.

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