Please Forgive Me

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I humbly come to everyone via this blog and ask for forgiveness, Forgiveness because during 2019 I knew deep down I was commanded by God, to share the gospel but I was to wrapped up running from God instead of being focused on God to present the Gospel with confidence backed by faith.


Dear Heavenly Father, please forgive me for falling short of completing your work you placed upon my heart during 2019. Instead Lord, I tried to complete the work of sharing the Gospel in my own strength. Here it is 2020 now and I have learned from my sinful mistakes.

Lord help me to become focused upon you and help me to learn your voice better so I can be lead by you instead being lead by my own strength and my own ideas. Lord thank you for another chance to have this blog as a platform to share your work through me and other Christians throughout the world.

Lord, I am very sorry for my selfish ways. Lord, direct my path and help me have the courage to step out in authentic actionable faith to use this blogging platform to teach and share your authentic love for mankind. Amen.

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    1. Hello Pure Glory, Thank you. Also Thank you for your faithful service unto God because a lot of your posts on the Pure Glory website and Facebook helped me keep pushing forward.

      God has used you to be a great blessing in my life like a mentor behind the scenes. May God bless and promote your ministry work during 2020 and beyond.

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      1. e welcome! It is amazing what happens when posts are published daily for 10 years. God is faithful to take our little and make it much , when we place it in the Master’s hands.

        He rejoices in our repentance and renewal of his places in our lives.

        Abundant blessings to you in 2020!

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