Soulja 4 Christ Being Laid To Rest

Yes, it is true Soulja 4 Christ name is coming to a rest. The reason is because as I mature in my faith walk with God changes will happen to reflect those changes. Plus I noticed there is various other outlets online going by the name “Soulja 4 Christ. The new name reflects Hope coming from God through one of His many Souljaz by sharing the great news of the great Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Reason For The Name Change

During the time frame that this blog reflected Soulja 4 Christ the goal was to establish that this blog was geared towards the 100% truth of Jesus Christ. I recently matured in my faith walk and the Holy Spirit approached me and asked me to lay the name to rest on this blog and to change the name to a more mature name that reflects that as a Christian we are souljaz of hope for God that is commanded to share the truth of the Gospel that in return doesn’t return void because the Word of God spreads Hope into people’s lives if they’re willing to accept the truth of hope.

New Pen Name As Well

The current pen name doesn’t reflect God in His entire nor does it reflect our goal to reach every in God’s name so the pen name is being changed to R.E.I.G.N (Reaching Everyone In God’s Name) Our ministry God has entrusted us with is to teach others about God’s word and help equip individuals with courage so they can step out in faith and spread the Gospel as well to further the Kingdom of Heaven. Completing (God’s Business) just like Jesus had done on earth.

The Elephant In The Room

Yes, I have gone through quite a few pen names and now two blog name changes. The reason is because I am still new to getting the ministry of the ground and in 2019 I tried doing that through my own strength with no avail of success or solid direction. I told God that I would listen and follow His direction even if it brought public embarrassment because I changed the pen name so much these past two years.

I now just want to focus on God entirely and bring forth those fruits of labor to enrich others that are facing struggling to hear from God with their God given desires. Many get trapped up not being able to get going in a direction that best suits their unique God given gifts. If I struggled at this than many more are as well.

My Plans For Soulja Of Hope

I DON’T HAVE ANY PLANS!!! I rather this time around FOLLOW GOD’S PLANS!!! So, we will see what God has in-store for this new found ministry. 😊

Moving Forward!

I have been through a lot in life and I made a mess out of my life and yet God came to me in my darkest moment literally in hell to be exact due, to taking pills as a teenager and dying for one hour back then and as the gates of hell open up to receive me I screamed out to Jesus if you are real please save me from the pits of hell and Jesus did just that and that is why I am here today to share the Love of Jesus Christ I now know and have come to seek more and more since 2011 because His love is truly authentic.

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