Welcome To Soulja of Hope Part 1

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To clear any confusion yes, this blog use to be called Soulja 4 Christ and you can find the related post to the announcement of the new name Soulja of Hope (Here) Now that, that is out of the way, Welcome! to Soulja of Hope.

God Captured My Heart In 2011(The Beginning of Soulja of Hope)

In 2011 God captured my heart with me opening the bible randomly to Jeremiah 29:11

God Shaping The Path Of Today (Bold Prayer In 2015)

During 2015 I didn’t like where I was in life and Soulja 4 Christ became born here on WordPress after I went before God and said a bold prayer about reaching others in a bold way for God. My goal through this blog was to teach others about God’s word the (Gospel) in a non watered down manner.

2018 Prayer Of 2015 Answered

During 2018 I awoke to the following video in my phone notifications

The video above had direct answers to me from God, I say this because God showed me through the video to be able to complete the things I asked God during that bold prayer in 2015. I was going to have to become Someone I wasn’t yet.

(Troubled Times) 2019

During 2019 I was encouraged by the video above to become someone that I didn’t even believe I could become to boldly reach other people in God’s name in a Christ like manner at that time frame in my life. But, 2019 became the year of failure of completing the goal of becoming more focus on God to become the bold person of faith. Instead I was still troubled by the pain of my divorce during 2018 and this pain became my focus in 2019 to the point I was like a yo yo with my relationship with God.

Reborn Process (2019-2020)

2019 Became the year I faced many life challenges and I almost threw the towel in with God. I was giving up a lot within and then God showed me this video on YouTube (found below) and even though the video had a evil tone to it God boldly showed me to fight through the trouble times and rise! above it because what the devil had in-store to defeat me GOD was still bigger in the situations and circumstances I faced to Rise against the defeat the devil placed before me and God was boldly shaping me within through the life trials I was facing to promote my faith walk in 2020

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