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What’s On My Pc Screen Capture

I’ve been blogging here at WordPress.com since 2005 off an on and before I had a blog geared towards providing Christian content I had a blog that was centered around tech related topics called Teck-Line and Rick, from What’s On My Pc (Button to website at the bottom of post) Rick, added my little struggling tech blog to his blog roll that had more well known websites at that time frame within the blogroll line up. I was so excited that I made it on to the list and I am still humbled by that experience. The reason I am still humble is because my readership doubled over a 2 week period back then.

My dad passed away in 2006 and I didn’t blog much after I made it on to Rick’s blogroll because I became very depressed about my dad’s health getting worse in 2005. By 2015 I came back on the blogging scene with Soulja 4 Christ now known as Soulja of Hope, So I wanted to pay back the respect to Rick, and bring forth the attention of Rick’s tech blog that has many greate tutorials, tech lingo, reviews, and many more tech related posts. I personally love reading his blog because I like technology and Rick, keeps his posts focused and well formatted to where the direction of the focus on the content is conveyed in the message of the post. Plus Rick, gives honest reviews and I respect that quality within Rick, because you don’t find that much anywhere online now days.

Personal Message To Rick, Author of (What’s On My PC,) link to his blog below.

Message To Rick,
Thank you for adding Teck-line to your blog roll, I am very thankful for that experience. I also respect how strong you are blogging to this day keep up the great work.

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  1. Thank you for your recent help and incentive. I tried using the graphic you sent me and WordPress would not let work correctly when screen resolutions change; HOWEVER, it gave me the incentive to try some new things and I came up with a solution. I noticed I could create a graphic with a transparent background, then I could use WP’s logo feature to plug it into the header. This opened up some doors for me for logo creations, etc… Anyhow, to give you kudos, visit here: https://whatsonmypc.wordpress.com/2020/01/19/off-topic-thank-you-to-r-e-i-g-n-soulja-of-hope/

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    1. Hello Rick, Praise God that my obedience to the Holy Spirit, sparked opened doors for you for logo creation… My hopes these new open door(s) blesses you in many ways.

      I seen your new logo with the graffiti tech in the background looking (Hot) for your blog. When the Holy Spirit asked me to create the image for your website the Holy Spirit asked me to create it with no strings attached the header image is even better than I made it great work Rick, your blog is looking refreshed and you my friend have discovered new inspirations. Praise God!

      Thank you for your write up I will be commenting via your post as well.

      I will also be replying to your emails soon, may end up in spam so please keep a look out your emails did not. 😊


  2. R.E.I.G.N,
    Thank you for the awesome graphics. I don’t think you realize the gift you have in that area. I can remember years ago when I first saw your tech blog and what caught my eye, was your graphic design… God has gifted you in that area.


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    1. You’re welcome Rick, and thank you for your humble response.

      I am planning on furthering my skills and try to learn how to draw vector characters… I recently bought Corel Paint shop Pro the ultimate bundle the price tag was $99.99 but got the image editor software for $49.99 at best buy and to my surprise there was licenses to Corel’s other products totaling to $700 not bad for $50.00…

      So I have the means with the other free license that came in the package to really dig deeper into graphic design and I totally give God the credit for God new the gems that were waiting in the package to promote the direction of more robust image creations and design.

      P.s. Yeah I remember back then I was keen to detail with images but never saw that as gift but you bringing that to my attention has inspired me to push deeper into the category and I truly thank you for inspiring me with your kind words


  3. Wow… I awake to today to find the kind words from R.E.I.G.N. Yes, we go back many years in the world of blogging; and, unlike many bloggers, we are still here. There is a reason??? Please continue your walk with Christ and lead others on the path that you have taken. You are a great Writer with heart and I was always in awe when it came to the graphic design of your blog creations. Truly a gift… Thank you again for your writeup… — Rick @ What’s On My PC

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    1. Hello Rick, I apologize for my late reply we got slammed with a winter storm… it was my pleasure to write a blog review about your blog and the great quality you bring to blog as the author. I’m happy to hear you were surprised when you awoke. 😊 I love the fact you take the time to search out software and your dedication to test the software & apps and give honest feedback even to this day.

      Now days the software is in an explosion rate spiral being released on the internet compared to back then. A lot of the old software gems get buried by some of todays junky software and mobile apps. Not all but some. I really love the fact you give a honest review and detailed tutorials that are very helpful for the internet users of today.

      Thank you for your kind words! As for the graphic designs I would go get royalty free images from https://pixabay.com and merge images together with my own twist. Thank you for your kind words about the graphic aspect. I was in tears of humble joy when I read what you thought of my writing ability the part that brought me to tears was the heart aspect. It brought me to tears of happiness because I was shocked to hear from another individual that the content I write has heart behind it. 😊

      Quoted By Rick,
      ” we are still here. There is a reason???”

      I believe it is because we have fought all these years to keep the passion to help others even though blogging can become tiresome at times especially when writers block kicks in. I am sure you have seen it time after time like I have this many years later many blog authors have caved due to the stress that comes at various times blogging.

      Rick, thank you for your kind wards May God continue to bless you with helping many more people as the years press on. 😊

      A gift from me to you since you liked my graphic headers I have done in the past. I went ahead and looked up your WP theme and matched the dimensions and created this blog header for your current theme I even tested the image on my test blog to check that the final outcome with fitting. All images are copy right free because I got them from Pixabay No strings attached if choose to use the header image or not I just wanted to gift you one since you like my detail to graphic attention.

      Here is the download link for you. (With Question Mark) https://bit.ly/38lgnPq / (Without Question Mark) https://bit.ly/2RvKvk1 I used mega.nz for the online image storage for download the link was so long so I used bit.ly to make the link fit in the comment

      Your friend Reign,


      1. Got them! I love Pixabay most of the images I modify for Souljaz of Hope come from Pixabay they also have vector images as well and illustrations to pick from as well.


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