Scripture Series #5 Isaiah 41:10

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Quick Announcement

Hello Souljaz of Hope, Today I am sharing another Scripture series post with you guy’s and I wanted to do something different today compared to the other scripture series post I have posted and that is to provide some encouragement based off the scripture for I too struggle at times to understand how to apply the word of God to my daily life. I also switched up the background image as well to drive a visual point reference. I also renamed the title from Daily Scripture to “Scripture Series”

Word Of Encouragement

Isaiah 41:10 has been one of my most favorite scriptures found in the bible for 2019 was a very rough year for me and 2020 is just starting out and I’m going to face bigger decisions as the year of 2020 pushes onward and I cannot and will not operate with making decisions like I did during the year of 2019. Instead I am going to include God in every aspect of my life and live according to what Isaiah 41:10 states “Do not fear for God is with us,”

God knows me all to well, and I use to fear the “What If’s” a lot and I would fear what will happen if things go wrong but, according to Isaiah 41:10 God is saying right off the bat at the beginning of the scripture “So do not fear, for I am with you;” God is addressing the fear that humans become trapped by and I say trapped by because a lot of individuals become paralyzed by fear and don’t push beyond the fear the individual is facing.

I have been surely guilty of such and fear has gotten the best of me and opportunities became lost because of the fear in the past. I want to encourage individuals reading this post that no matter what comes your way in a way of a life goliath that comes across as, not achievable to conquer you can stand firm with Isaiah 41:10 that God will be beside you and will become bigger than any life goliath you will face in life and that God will help you conquer your life goliath’s.

How To Apply Isaiah 41:10

The key to apply the word of God with Isaiah 41:10 is “Do NOT fear and look towards the Lord Jesus Christ, for EVERYTHING without doubt or fear”

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