OFF TOPIC: THANK YOU to R.E.I.G.N. @ Soulja Of Hope

I recently felt compelled by the Holy Spirit to pay respect to Rick, for adding my old blog (Teck~Line) to his blog roll 12 years ago. So, I wrote a write up about his blog and His honest authorship. The Holy Spirit even directed me to create a image header for Rick’s blog, expecting nothing in return and today I Awoke to this post from Rick and it brought forth humble tears… I will post soon about that experience form God’s perspective

Tech News for You

I have been posting at “What’s On My PC” since July 2008. I have seen bloggers and tech writers come and go. One of the blessings as a blogger is the people you will occasionally connect with. Recently, I reconnected with a blogger that has been in the circuit since 2005. When I entered the blogging circuit he was managing a site called “Teck-Line” that, in my opinion, not only had great content; but, his graphics are what grabbed me. I don’t know when his site “Teck-Line” became history, but I sure missed it. In and about 2015 I kept noticing a site called “Soulja 4 Christ” popping up and I subscribed to it, not really knowing, that this was the same dude who had managed “Teck-Line”. Again, the graphics on his site was the initial draw; then, it was the content that he was posting that was catching my…

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