I use Standard Notes To Collect Post Ideas (Tech)

Author Note: Hello Souljaz of Hope, Yes, this blog is geared towards Christian content but there is a tech side of today’s world and I would like to merge some posts with tech related stuff because Technology can help Christians with furthering their reach of sharing the gospel or aid with learning the bible efficiently.

I am also considering sharing posts that teach how to merge Technology and Christianity to help individuals share the Gospel. At this point I am testing the waters and seeing how those type of posts will be received here @Soulja of Hope.

Standard Notes

Today I would like to share with the readers of Soulja of Hope a note editor I use on my mobile device and computer to jot down post ideas and bible notes. It is called Standard Notes (Link at the bottom)

Standard notes also offers password protected notes and these notes are encrypted with their free editor version and you can also synchronize your notes and password notes between devices. (Requires email of your choice and a password of your choice to synchronize within the software)

I have been using Standard notes for about a year now (Free Version) for blog post ideas and bible note taking, as well for personal use and using the free note editor without upgrading the note editor actually offers a pretty solid note editor I especially like the fact I can lock my notes so I don’t have to just use this note editor for the blog and bible note taking only but, can use it from a personal aspect as well by locking my thoughts I want to keep to myself and myself only. It truly cost nothing upfront unless you want the upgrades. I found a video of Standard Notes on YouTube that shows the note editor in action. The official website link is below the video.

Standard Notes Review

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