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Hello I am known here @Soulja of Hope as R.E,I,G,N (Reaching.Everyone.In.God’s.Nations) I asked God what would best describe me if we were to use a character name in the bible and God told me the following one day.

God’s Description Of Me

Reign: God What Character in the bible best describes me?

God: Son, I would pick Paul,

God: Son, I say Paul because your lifestyle was like Saul, now know as (Paul) Son, (Reign) I can remember while you were growing up you made it your mission to hate every aspect of Jesus Christ and what Jesus stood for. because of the anger within you Then one day during your teenage years you took an overdose and died for 1 hr and went to hell and you cried out for Jesus and just like I spoke to Saul via the burning bush, you too had your burning bush moment and discovered the love of God when Jesus spared you from hell, when deep within your soul knew your life decisions lead you to hell.

God: Son, even though Jesus spared you from hell, you spent 20+ years doing your own thing in life (running from me as your God) and then I revisit you and you open your heart to my love for you and for mankind and now you are like a modern day Paul with the passion of God’s love to spread the Gospel the very Gospel of Jesus that spared you from hell.

To the old and new readers, I went from being a gang-banger to becoming a satanist through out life to, becoming a person within being on fire to spread the love of Jesus Christ, but the veteran readers had experienced growing pains of me faking my faith walk at times and as of December of 2019 I got exposed trying to live for Jesus but was caught up doing my own thing in the background and God brought forth light to this manner. Then as of January 2020 I repented of such lifestyle. So Soulja of Hope is in its beginning stages of reflecting my repentance as well reflecting the love of Jesus, through the testimony of my life conversion I say this because many posts will reflect my trial and tribulations throughout life and how God got me to this point of life with me being the author of Soulja of Hope.

What is Soulja of Hope About?

Lets start with what Soulja of Hope, Is not about. This blog is not geared towards watering down the truth of the Gospel which is a living testament of God’s love that changes individuals if they are willing with their free will to let the living word (Gospel) of God, teach them how to become a new creation through the love of God and the teachings through God’s scripture.

Soulja of Hope is a blog geared towards letting others know the realness and the struggles that comes with being a Christian, hence why “Soulja” is in the blog name. Because it takes a heart of David and a soulja mindset to live for Jesus Christ, in the world of today that has experienced many evil things under the sun and where many individuals are leaving the brick and mortar churches behind because of various offenses people are experiencing in today’s world through churches that are watering down the truth and are doing their own thing instead of being true to scripture teachings.

Many of the brick and mortar churches have lost their way and are not reaching out to their surrounding communities nor teaching their attendees to be on fire for Jesus in a way that promotes the movement to reach beyond the church doors to disciple individuals to bring forth God’s army in a stronger aspect to keep the legacy of Jesus Christ going. Soulja of Hope, is about breaking the man made religious boundaries of man made religious rules that promotes mankind’s agenda verses God’s agenda taught through scripture and to help others discover that the Gospel is not a religion but a Relationship with Jesus Christ.

I encourage you to share Soulja of Hope, With Your Social Circles

Soulja of Hope, formally know as “Soulja 4 Christ” has had a name change for 25 days now and God has been doing bold things here @Soulja of Hope blog and it is only going to get better and better as God does His thing through me as the willing author of this site.

My plans are to be directed by God and the living word. (Scripture) I have a deep passion to help God awaken the slumbered Souljaz of God and to teach them just like Paul of the bible taught and reached and brought forth many Christians together as souljaz, a mighty army for God many years ago … I agree Church is important but not enough of them are reaching beyond the confines of their walls to reach the lost that will never step foot into a church living the sinners lifestyle. Jesus was on the move all the time reaching out to the lost and this is were the ministry of Soulja of Hope, is geared towards online and in-person to go beyond the church walls and seek the lost that feel they are out of reach of being forgiven because the person(s) won’t step forth into a church for their own reasoning. I once felt this way and now I’m an ambassador of Jesus Christ that wants to break through the church walls and reach nations with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

I encourage you, to not  just read the material here @Soulja of Hope but instead start living the Soulja stance against the devils lies and tactics for God has purpose for your life because all souls matter to God including your own soul. So I encourage the readers to join me not in a ministry aspect but modern day Jesus movement aspect a mighty army of God that carries on the legacy of what Jesus Christ started over 2,000 years,

Souljaz of Hope, Thank you for taking the time to read our latest content. If you would like to be updated of near future content then you can click the subscribe button blow or follow us via the following social profiles

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