Blog Update 1/30/2020

Hello Souljaz Just a quick update I noticed when I was leaving comments on this blog as well when I commented on other websites the name part in the old image looked like a blurred line because the image in the comment section is too small. So I decided to mess around with the new image editor I got recently called Corel Paintshop pro 2020… So I created the image on the right as a replacement of the current image on the left. The acronym originally stood for Reaching Everyone In God’s Name.

A family member and I recently talked and they brought it to my attention that the letter”N” could also stand for “Nations” My heart desire is to reach as many nations I can teaching God’s word and I thought the nation aspect was more fitting for the R.E.I.G.N acronym So, I will be changing the few spots on the website that has the word “Name” and replace it with “Nations”

Reaching Everyone In God’s Nations

Edit: I wasn’t really feeling the plain look with the wording sideways so I went back in the editor and created a new logo with the letter ‘R” image below the letter ‘s’ is a watermark on the image.

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