Logo Update 1/31/2020

I wasn’t really feeling the plain look with the wording sideways so I went back in the editor and created a new logo with the letter ‘R” (image below) the letter ‘s’ is a watermark on the image. More commentary below the image

I am currently at the basic level of knowing how to use Paint-shop pro 2020 and I wasn’t really feeling the previous image (below right side) I created earlier I wanted to self teach myself to push the envelope. Many individuals that can create logo’s may look at the image and be looks blah, but I am pretty impressed with what I created within a couple of hours and I believe God will help me get better and better at it.


    1. Hello Pure Glory, Welcome Back! Thank you, you are the second person to say that. I created an couple of circle shapes and then added a gradient to the back circle and fine tuned the opacity then I used the ‘A Dripping Marker” font basic white then blended a gradient and texture on the letter ‘R” then fine tuned it to give the letter ‘R” a painted look.

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