Advice: For Everyone From God

Boxer surrounded by fire

Hello to the new readers and welcome back to the Soulja fam that is returning.

As of lately I haven’t posted much. I have been facing some Goliath situations in my life because of past decisions that have caught up with me. I allowed this aspect to spiral me into depression and I have been struggling to get out of the depression slump. Recently I was listening to Christian Rap on YouTube and on the sidebar I saw a playlist for Christian Rap and I clicked on the playlist there was this video that had an catchy tune… This song (video below) was uplifting my mood but yet I was questioning how Christian this music video was then the Holy Spirit said the following to me while listening to the song and then the song made sense to me.

Message From The Holy Spirit

Author Note: This message from the Holy Spirit can be applied to anyone’s life.

Son, why are you so wrapped up in your depression? Has not God given the gift of victory through the Son, of God? (Jesus Christ) Son, your flesh side is an enemy to the Lord, (Romans 8:7) Son, the battle within, with your flesh side is an element you will have to deal with until you come home to Heaven. So, son, why are you giving up so easily and allowing yourself to be over taken by the flesh side of your mind.

Son, Soulja up take a stance and don’t let the flesh side of you over take you. Son, do you not realize that the flesh side of you is the very element the devil uses to defeat and confuse you. So son, when Heaven through God’s Son Jesus Christ has given you the victory to hit a home run each every time, why not embrace that element of victory? Son, Embrace the Word of God and you can hit a home run each every time no matter the curve balls you are pitched in life.

Son, the flesh side of you is hostile to me as your mighty Lord, from Heaven. So, you need to murder your flesh daily (Die To Your Sinful Ways) and live by the spirit within you, by acquiring wisdom from the Word of God and implementation of the wisdom the Word of God provides you in your daily life routines.

So, son, I have a question for you? According to the Word of God if you live faithfully and worship me with all your heart you will receive the after life in Heaven, with this information within your grasp, should provide you with an all time high that gets your spirit excited and high, higher then any drug on earth can provide a human body So why continued to be dismayed?.

So, son, Soulja up and let this song encourage you to stand firm against the flesh side of you, for you are a fighter that is anointed by the fire of Heaven that your flesh, evil spirits, (demons) or life circumstances can NOT even begin to go against. So Son, arise from the depression slump for I have already provide the will and the way, you just need to align your mind with this aspect for your free will to override how you feel which is depressed at the moment. Son I leave you with this instruction as you are listening to the song imagine you are having a personal conversation with the flesh side of you, because I your Lord being beside you, your flesh doesn’t stand a chance when you fight back to live by the spirit side of you.

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