Insight God Laid Upon My Heart

Hello to the new readers and welcome back to the Soulja fam that is returning.

Daily I like to be alone and meditate on the word of God and life, I orginally posted this tidbit on Facebook but felt that the readers here could benefit as well from what I posted on Facebook. Below is one of my thoughts I have posted via Facebook. My hopes are you become blessed by the insight I share.

Many believe once you ask Jesus Christ, into your life, that life becomes easier, This is not entirely truth Since I have asked Jesus Christ, into my life the real battle started for I had to start living the life of becoming spiritually reborn. God has walked me through things in life the flesh side of me would have avoided…

Being a Christian is about having a personal relationship with Jesus but it is also about being a Soulja of Hope so others can become aware of God’s love, mercy, and forgiveness for mankind… At times it is rough being a Christian especially in a world that hates God. But Daddy God has shown me that if you stand for nothing you will fall for anything and the devil has a lot of deceptive scheme’s in this world that brings souls to hell daily for many people choose with their free will to hate the truth found in the Bible.

Being a Christian is bigger than oneself I say this because a Christian that is active beyond the weekend church pew is a walking bible a testament of God’s workings…

Many know my past and as each day goes by I move further and further from my past lifestyle for the wisdom in the Bible is transforming my life before others around me and the Word of God can transform anyone that aligns their free will to allow the word of God to transform them.

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