Please Pray For A Male Individual I am Getting Ready To Mentor

Hello to the new readers and welcome back to the Soulja fam that is returning.

Ana & I have been hoping for opportunities for Soulja of Hope to go beyond the internet atmosphere because we want to see the Soulja of Hope ministry to be able to reach back into our surrounding communities. Recently I was approached by a male friend of one of my family to lead bible study. (The person approached the question through the family member they are friends with)

Leading Bible study is something God as afforded me the opportunity to learn how to do, by a person from my old church, I say this because the person that lead the men’s bible study group I was attending has 30+ years under their belt in the leadership department because they were a leader type missionary for 20+ years in Africa… This older male taught me many aspects of leadership and how to lead with the Holy Spirit in the driver seat.

I am finding myself a bit nervous for this is a new aspect for me in my faith walk with Jesus Christ. I believe I can do this, or God wouldn’t allow this opportunity to come about. This male friend of a family member of mine has had A rough deal in life. This person is much older than me, actually old enough to be my dad in the age department. I recently meet with this friend of a family member in person at a restaurant because I was with the family member the day they meet up with their friend.

I got the opportunity to share my testimony of how I went from being a gangster to becoming a Christian at the restaurant. This person ask the Lord into their life about 3 months prior to meeting up with them and they had to drop hanging around their old friends because the past lifestyle involved drugs and other sinful aspects in their life.

The person after I meet with them at the restaurant approached the family member they are friends with and asked the family member they are friends with if, I would be willing to lead them closer to Jesus Christ by teaching them the word of God. My family member told the person I will pass it on to Reign and I recently contacted the person telling them I accept to teach the bible to them.

So, Soulja Fam, I am seeking prayer for this individuals walls to be soften before I begin to meet for bible study a few weeks from now and I ask also to pray for the opportunity from God that this will turn into something bigger where more souls will become impact for the glory of God as well.

Thank you for your prayers
Sincerely R.E.I.G.N
(Reaching Everyone In God’s Nations)

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