Happy Birthday Ana!

Hello to the new readers and welcome back to the Soulja fam that is returning.

Hello, Everyone! Today is Ana’s birthday and I am trying to surprise her later today with birthday wishes from readers around the world. The reason is because Ana, has lived in the shadow of her twin all her life, because Ana’s family didn’t want Ana, so Ana, didn’t have the luxury to celebrated her own birthdays until 2 years ago when I came back into her life. Ana, has view her birthday as another dull day because how her family treated her.

I wanna show Ana, that she is valued on her birthday so I would like to ask you guy’s to wish her a happy birthday in the comment section So I can present your birthday wishes from you guy’s later today to Ana,

Ana Because you loved me many years ago with your Christ-like love when I was a teenager and I broke your heart. Ana, you told me recently that you prayed every night for all these years for me to find the Lord even though I broke your heart back then. Ana, you are a Proverb 31 woman and I am thankful after 23 years God has brought me back into your life. Happy Birthday Luv, I love you deeply from my heart.


      1. Thank you Donna, I will show her the song when she gets home later today. I am very sure she will like it.

        God Bless Donna,
        Oh btw I am known here as Reign but name is Mike, 😊


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