Look No Further AdGuard Has Your Back!

Image credit AdGuard, This image is from two screen captures I captured from AdGuard’s website I merged the two screen captures together to make finale image outcome. Respectfully the image(s) rights belong to AdGuard

Do you find it tiresome surfing the internet to be presented with tacky ads or popups that just lowers your internet surfing experience, as well slows down your browsing experience at times… Well, good news AdGuard, see’s the need to experience quality browsing without the intrusive ads, Trackers, and Popup’s, too!, even though AdGuard offers AdGuard as a browser extension AdGuard takes it a step further and offers their AdGuard experience via the desktop (Windows, Mac,) and mobile devices (Android, iOS,) which allows you to have better control of your privacy and ad blocking control that most ad blocking services fail to provide.

AdGuard has also took it a step further and started developing a VPN (Virtual Private Network,) that is currently available as a beta extension for (Chromium) based browsers with more supported browsers in the future. There future plans are as well to bring the VPN to mobile devices. You can read more about their new VPN via this blog post.

My Take On AdGuard

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I have used many popular ad blocker and popup blocker extensions available, but with AdGuard bringing their service beyond the extension arena and straight to the desktop and mobile devices the privacy and ad blocking control becomes a more precise fluent user experience…

I give AdGuard 4 stars because their desktop client also offers stealth mode, privacy controls, as well parental controls. that really brings forth the privacy and ad blocking experience to a whole new level compared to the competitors and when you add the AdGuard VPN Beta extension (chromium based browsers) in my honest opinion AdGuard becomes the #1 choice to go with compared to the competitors offering similar services.

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