Slumbered Souljaz Of Jesus Christ It Is Time To Awaken And Arise

Lord, for many months now you have been preparing me to come out of the shadows of your wing Lord, To faith walk closer to you and to walk more into my life calling you placed upon me in my mother’s womb. Today Lord I heard you say the following and I will obey you and post what you asked me to post.

Reign’s Notes: from the get go I said I will not water down the message here via Soulja of Hope, and that I will keep it 💯(100) here and God almighty has chosen to write a message to humanity. So, out of obedience I will post such.

What God Shared With Me Today

God: To Reign
Son, I fully understand the scope of fear across the land today. I need to use the fear of the coronavirus as a tool to enact mercy for many will not acknowledge me when humanity feels life is going well. Son, I am awakening the Army of God, like it has never been awaken before! Son, I am coming to you today because I need your 100% surrenderance upon me as your Lord and Savoir, I want to use you in a leadership aspect because I am choosing certain individuals right now to help me as the Mighty Lord, in Heaven to help awaken my slumbered Souljaz of Christ,

I am allowing the coronavirus to become a stage and microphone platform for my Souljaz to be able to shout from the mountain tops for humanity’s attention is heightened right now… R.E.I.G.N, remain faithful upon me as your almighty Lord, 100%. Remember Son, nothing takes me by surprise not even the attacks from the devil for I am in control of ALL aspects… Son, humanity is straight out scared right now and I need my Souljaz of leadership to stand firm with FAITH and not fear except fear upon me as their Lord, for wisdom is through fearing me as their Lord, in reference of respect… (Proverbs 9:10)

Son, I am using the Coronavirus fear as a mega phone right now to call out to the world that is plagued by sin since the beginning of humanity. Son, many have lost their life, this is nothing new except it is at a higher rate now because of the virus. Son, My mercy is upon the land right now because many are still breathing which gives the ability to call out to me and rebuke their sinful lifestyle and if they do such I will receive them. Son, many have rebuked me since the beginning of time of humanity and many more will and this breaks my heart here in Heaven when all I want is to lavish great love upon the earth. I don’t send people to hell they send themselves their due to their own refusal to repent and turn towards me with their whole self.

Son, I also encourage you to dig deep into the Bible and research wisdom and I will instruct you with further instructions when the timing is right.

Son, please also place the warning message word for word I placed upon your mind. Do NOT fear the outcome of sharing such warning but instead fear what I could bring upon you for disobeying me for souls matter very much to me and not posting the warning message will place souls in more danger for the sole reason of your Disobedience

God’s Warning message He placed upon me to share. (There is also a Mercy message below the warning)

God: To Humanity

I, as the mighty God of all Gods and idols and Lord above ALL lords, I, the (GREAT I AM) also have a (grave warning) right now for ALL of mankind (Male and Female) and that warning is for individuals of all nations poor, rich, and even the body of governments, I will not be mocked without punishment (Galatians 6:7) I, as the (GREAT I AM,) call out for every last individual upon the lands of earth to turn from their wicked ways and repent and turn to me as their one and ONLY Savoir because there is not one soul that can save themselves let alone humanity. (Leviticus 26:14-46) I can as humanity’s Lord and Savoir, only be approached through the acceptance of what my Son, Jesus Christ, did on the cross for humanity. (John 3:16) I cannot express the warning message enough repent! and sustain from all wickedness or see the Great Heavens pour out my wrath like never seen before upon your lands.

Message of Mercy from God Himself laid upon my heart and soul to share

God: To Humanity,

To all individuals that have chosen to repent and turn their backs upon their wicked ways I receive you through my Son Jesus Christ, I cannot express enough continue to sustain daily from your wicked ways and serve me with 100% of you and I will protect you like mentioned in Leviticus 26:1-13

Reign’s Prayer,

Abba, (Father) thank you for your love and protection I give all of me to you as my Lord and Savoir, please Father, I pray for mercy and I accept however this plays out, for Lord it is your business how you handle your business. Lord, I will be on standby to follow your orders thank you again for your love, mercy, protection, and wisdom. Amen.

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5 Thoughts

  1. Thank You Father for Your great love and mercy. You are awesome and amazing. God of all creation and yet You have time for us. Thank You for the words You have spoken here. We adore You Lord. Let Your kingdom come and Your will be done. To You we ascribe all power and all glory forevermore. Praise Your holy name. In Jesus name.

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