Website Updates: New Theme, Post Series On Hiatus, Plus Word Of Encouragement

Hello Souja of Hope of Jesus Christ, I wanted to write a quick update I will break down the updates below.

New Theme

As many of the readers most likely have noticed by now with the Soulja of Hope, website is, I switched themes because of a couple of issues I was having with the previous theme.

1. The previous theme wasn’t friendly across mobile devices like I had first thought it was and many readers come to this website by mobile devices so I sat out to use a more responsive theme compared to the previous theme.

2. The previous theme didn’t provide a responsive experience across all device platforms and this current theme is not just suppose to be more device platform responsive. The current theme being used also offers a dark background which can also make it easier on the eye’s to read on computers. Plus the website navigation is suppose to be more responsive on all device platforms… The other issue I was facing which really bothered me was on mobile devices via the previous theme the website header was not responsive and was becoming cut off on mobile devices which was cutting of the Soulja of Hope slogan which is key information what this website is about.

Post series Hiatus

Recently I was working on a 3 part post series titled “In The End It Doesn’t Even Matter” this post series was about my personal walk journey with God, at this point God has spoken to me and has asked me to put off any posts that relates to my personal testimonial testimony with my faith walk with God and focus towards posting content that will help God bring more focus upon Him, in other people’s lives in whole. I have started working on part 2 and I plan to work on part 3 of the series as well, but those posts will need to remain in the background until further notice from God as I refocus my direction on the content that God places upon my heart to write as we face this pandemic and beyond the pandemic together.


During these trying times direction of life for all is shifting as we previously knew it. God is also surely shifting things in the lives of Christians as the stage and microphone platform for God has been established. I mentioned about the stage and microphone aspect in my previous post found “Here” Right now people’s attention is heightened and I need to refocus my writing time to focus on the content that God asks me to write during these trying times we are going through…

My personal note to the readers of this website.
Yes, right now is scary times but we don’t have to fear it as we embrace the changes coming about in our lives, instead I encourage you to stand firm in your faith I say this because the eye’s in this world are watching how Christians are handling this pandemic and we as Christians if we handle it the same as the world then how is this broadcasting through our actions a focus on to God?…

Thank you for stopping by and your various interactions with this website remain safe and trust God as your main source of information during these trying times.

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    1. Hello Rick, Yes, it is Awesome! how the Holy Spirit, can guide us as vessel to complete Gods work here on earth. Also thank you for the encouraging words much appreciated.

      Continue as well to be safe and keep up the great work with your website as well,


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