My Open Public Stance

Reignz Notes: As I said before and I will say it again I will not water the truth here via Soulja of Hope, website. the sad truth there is many fake Christians now days and it is hard to know a persons true stance about the King of kings and Lord of lords which can only be found in Heaven and reached only through the Son named Jesus Christ. I recently posted the following on Facebook and thought it would be helpful for the readers of this website to know my Christian stance towards God so without further notice here it is.

Lord, Please show me the way to live, I don’t care about the trends of this world. Life is changing for everyone as we know it and it will continue to change beyond the pandemic just like it has for 19 yrs beyond the 9/11/2001 event.

Lord, many people hate Christians but what they really hate is the truth you provide because it goes against their way of living. Lord, I am fed up with my lifestyle and have been making changes since 1/1/2020 but Lord, change is never enough I need to also surrender all of me and the people I care and love into your hands for it is beyond the control me to take care of them like you can take care of them. Lord, guide me in ways you allow for me to take care them.

Lord, Search my heart and expose the wicked ways you find so they can become corrected. I faithfully turn my life and way of life over to you Lord, for I proclaim their is no idol, king, or lord, of any kind in my life that shall continue to stand in the way of our relationship Lord, to grow stronger and closer to you Lord, I believe that Your Son Jesus Christ, died on the cross for all humanity and I accept that gift even though I cannot even begin to pay the debt back unto Jesus Christ, Lord show me ways I can pay it forward though in your Mighty name Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.

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    1. @thefathersfeet, Thank you for stopping by,

      Word Of Encouragement
      God is good all the time and as the body of the bride of Christ we will be protected… We as humanity must do our part and that is never take our focus off of God even for 1 second during the pandemic or after this pandemic pasts.


      1. Yes I feel the same way. One of my favorite stories is when Peter took his eyes off of Jesus and therefore started to sink. I wrote about it not too long ago. Anyways, the Lord spoke to my heart the other day reminding me of that story and to keep my eyes on Him. Truly you have given me a word of encouragement from the Lord. Thank you.

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