Quiet But Not Done Writing

R3ign, Saying Sup?

Hey Souljaz! The website has been quiet but I am not done writing, I have decided to take a small break and reflect upon God more… I was feeling emotionally drained and God said the following to me. (Below you find my private now public conversation I had with the Lord almighty) My hopes are this conversation brings hope unto others and establishes trust with the veteran and new readers alike here via S.o.H.) I am very serious about my God given calling to help other Christians to become bolder with their faith so God can show you as the reader your God given calling through God and God ONLY.

Lord’s Reply To Me

God To R3ign,
Son, back down you are heading for a burnout. Spend time with Ana, she needs your reassurance that you will be there for her during this time of uncertainty… Son, I know it was over 20 yrs ago but you left Ana, in your teenage years when she needed you in her corner the most carrying your son and the devil is rising that fear in her again that you will leave her again. Ana,is more afraid of that aspect now because she had a major stoke over 5 yrs ago and it has affected her mind deeply. Son, encourage Ana, with the Word of God since the stroke took her ability to read. Son, encourage her to rely on her faith towards me deeper I understand the things she has endured in life that has caused trust issues, encourage Ana, to trust me as Her Lord more.

Son, I also need you to bring more focus to our relationship as well… Times are going to become harder as the days, weeks, months, and years, come to completion in my name sake. Things will also become better as time moves forward. With businesses shutting down because of the virus people are losing their way of survival with the money aspect and many are afraid right now. Son, I’m calling certain children of mine right now to become leaders among my children and the world of sinners that will provide guidance of my word. Son, this is no easy task at all and this is why not all of my children become a leader in their communities… Son, my children are best suited in many area’s of life, some are teachers, helpers, prayer warriors, etc.

Son, my children in these areas of their God driven ministry need leaders of guidance that don’t back away from a hard spiritual fight but instead embrace that battle and encourages as well walk along side of the children I place under certain children’s leadership. Son, your calling I have called forth in your life is to guide my children to stand up with bold faith… They are looking to you to see the messages I place upon your heart because I am the great leader of ALL leaders… Son, you are doing it again getting ahead of yourself and that is because you are eager to work for me but you have two modes fast and faster… This is not a sprint but a marathon back down and patently wait upon my timing.

Back down from the website and draw inspiration from my living word the very word of true life beyond this world. Son, I appreciate your eagerness to work for me, but your eagerness and getting ahead of my guidance has got you in a sinful situation before with me as your Lord. Son, remain still and let me guide you it will all work out in the end for my greater good as Lord and Savoir.

My Reply To God

Abba, you are so right! I do have an issue with getting ahead and you are right again I have two modes fast and faster, I do need to work on that with the guidance of your living word Lord. / Lord, as you know I was a shy person for much of my life, and now you have placed me in leadership stance that well, puts a spotlight on me for your name sake… This is so opposite of what I am use too. I don’t want to fail you… Lord as a young child my parents mainly my dad instilled in my mind that failure is not an option. Lord, this aspect of mental abuse has given to an underlying aspect of fear of failure… Lord I need your help and guidance to get past this fear that seems to be on autopilot. Lord You Know best for my life and for every other persons life… Lord use me as your Soulja in a mighty way that breaks the boundaries of mankind but heightens your boundaries of Heaven upon this earth.

God’s Response To Me

Son, Your fear of failure will become conquered through me as Lord and Savoir… My living word will make sure of that aspect! I encourage you to embrace my word. Son, remember that dark day back in 2011 you hated hearing promises because your dad abused you with breaking his promises constantly but yet I knocked on your heart with a promise from scripture (Jeremiah 29:11) in the bible you, became angered and yet still fell to your knees days later embracing trust that I would enact (Jeremiah 29:11) in your life… I have NOT forgotten that promise and I will carry that promise to the end to fulfill that promise… Follow my guidance and you will see and be able to embrace the wonders of Heaven here on earth and more so in Heaven.

My Response To God

Lord, I hear you loud and clear… Lord this musician captured my response better than I can speak so I will just let the video lyrics speak for me.

God’s Response To Me

Son, Such a great Soulja response I am so proud of you, I get it the stress is great at times being in position of leadership but don’t focus there for my yoke is easier and lighter (Matthew 11:30) I will surely guide you, align your free will to my guidance and yes you will succeed in my name sake… I love you NO different than the rest of mankind upon earth and I, as the Great “I AM” have plans to display that aspect of my love via Soulja of Hope as well many other avenues…

Message from God To Everyone

I’m truly a God of Love, ❤ and even though the virus is killing mankind at a fast rate I am still Emmanuel meaning (God Is With Us) If I weren’t then the virus would have its way and would have killed everyone… I, invite everyone to turn to me and forsake your sins and I will hear you and heal you!

Chronicles 7:14 ESV / If my people who are called by my name humble themselves, and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land.

❤ve G❤d

My hopes are, you are inspired and enjoy the content shared here. I invite you to join the Soulja of Hope movement by spreading our content across the globe, because many souls depend on it!

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