Heads Up R3ign Seriez Coming To A Blog Near You

Hey Souljaz of Hope, I wanted to give you a heads up I am going to be starting a new series here called R.3.I.G.N Seriez. Because God directed me too… I am actually working on the first official post for the R.3.I.G.N Seriez… I had previous posted some other post in this series but this new post takes on a bolder stance for God and my hopes are it encourages the readers to rethink their faith stance with God and become even bolder and stronger in the name sake of Jesus Christ…

As Souljaz of Hope we always with the infinite God (Yahweh) have room to grow and the goal with the posts tagged with the tagline R.3.I.G.N Seriez is to help the readers achieve new growth heights… God told me He has big plans for this series of post that will focus on the aspects of what God directs me to focus on pertaining to the bible… The plan compared to the other post under the tagline “Soulja Up Series” is to bring a more deeper and bolder aspect of the bible in a NON watered down aspect… I have always been from the beginning against the watered down version of the bible…

But when God spoke to me He told me by showing me through the word of God recently that we are living out the most evil days in this world and God is going to confront those issues and more through this new post series… I do believe that this is the beginning to the calling bestowed on my life by God… For God has been working with me through the Word of God these past two years preparing my heart to write the bolder posts since I did come from a shy background, The bold lion of God is coming forth out of the once shyness I suffered from but like I said God has been changing that aspect for the past couple of years by changing my out look through the Word of God and it is now time to display that boldness unto the rest of the world.

I even created a new logo banner for the post series as well.

Here is a sneak peek of the video the first post was inspired by

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4 Thoughts

  1. I am excited to see what God has for us, through you. Loved the song. Hope everyone is doing well in your family. Don’t forget to pray and ask God to place a hedge of protection around you, your house and family.
    Todays encouraging word, John 4:24. Stay safe and be blessed.

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    1. Hello Donna, Yes! we are doing good. My hopes are you and your family & friends are doing well too. 😊

      Thank you also for sharing that scripture verse It was great confirmation for me from God for I had already finished up the first post before I wrote the announcement post and I had placed the following wording within the first post Arise with me, beside me in spirit

      Yes I agree about the protection we all as Christians need the great protection from Yahweh because the devil will try to break us down in various ways or even try to shut us down by trying to kill us to try and stop the spread of the Gospel..

      Keep your head up Donna, God has great plans for you and many others as well… The more we share about God truthfully the more as God’s child can expect various types of attacks… Hence why we are God’s Souljaz because death shall not detour our stance from Yahweh either. I say this because of the shyness I once suffered from kept me from stepping out in faith trusting God He had my back… These past 2 years the devil has tried to kill me 4 times in various ways and the protection God laid on my life at those moments had me in a wow factor…

      One of those moments were when a car ripped through the stop sign and was speeding up towards me I was already half way out in the road before the car showed up and the car was getting closer to me quickly and I said Jesus please protect me and the car come to a instant stop… People around me said not possible that car should have hit you and then been able to stop about a foot or two past you because they were going so fast… I could sense a angel between me and the car. the driver applied their breaks to late like others around me witnessed but they also witnessed God at work making the impossible of that car stopping in time to make it stop one inch from my leg.

      I am proof reading the article now and providing scripture were scripture needs to be placed in the post I am unsure if it will be today that the post is published… It will be soon that the post is published if not published today.


      1. Whoa! What a testimony! My post was a testimony to God’s power today as well. He is so good. He will get the word out there when He wants it out and to who He wants to reveal it. God is amazing! He can stop cars, flip four wheelers, (my post today) there is nothing He cannot do!!!
        You’re welcome about the scripture. It was what God laid on my heart to share with you. I will always praise Him for leading and guiding me. He alone knows what all of His children need.
        Sending love to you and your wife brother. It is sure a great thing we are taught, to love one another. Seeking His best for your life. May you be in the perfect center of His will for your life always.
        Your sister in Christ, Donna

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