Putting The Devil On Notice In The Name Of Jesus Christ

In a previous post (link at the bottom) I mentioned I was focusing on strengthening my relationship with God… Before the covid-19, during and after the covid-19 pandemic the devil is not going to change his stance against God (Yahweh) almighty.

As of lately I have been stepping up the boldness for God and the devil is not happy about that fact. I have been dealing with heavy spiritual warfare and I did previously get caught off guard at one point because I wasn’t utilizing the armor of God to its full potential. I have regrouped since then and have been diving deeper into the word of God. The devil doesn’t want God’s Souljaz to prevail with spreading the word of God. I guess even though the Lord almighty (Yahweh) sent out the victory letter through Jesus Christ, the devil decided to ignored the writing on the wall that the devil already lost the battle for the Victory is sustained through the Blood and death of Jesus Christ.

ALL Souljaz of God are backed by the blood of Jesus… (Romans 5:9) as a Christian, I don’t submit or answer to the demons of hell… So, the noticed has been made and written on the wall that I adhere to the Word of God [Only] and this means the demons must answer and bow to the commandment of God (Yahweh) the name above ALL names… (James 2:19) The attacks have become stronger from the demons but I, as a Soulja of God a (Soulja of Hope) will continue to stand my ground of unwavering faith unto God and fight the battle no matter how hard it will become because Souls are precious to God almighty and it has been made known to me through the word of God that the call on my soul is to encourage others to stand up and remain firm in their unwavering faith with Yahweh…

My calling from God Above from the great heavens has commissioned me to stand firm in unwavering faith to spread the living Word of God. (Joshua 1:9 )This I must do without wavering my faith or watering down the truth of the bible. (Deuteronomy 4:2) This has to be done for I know the calling the Lord, bestowed upon me to encourage other Souljaz of God (Souljaz of Hope) If I fail to stand firm with unwavering faith then how will I, display to other brothers and sisters in Christ, to remain strong no matter what comes their way with unwavering faith.

The devil keeps saying I should fear the covid-19 but my response is the devil should and shall fear the name of Jesus Christ, for Christ’s name alone is powerful enough to cast out demons (Matthew 8:28-34) and as well make the covid-19 virus submit to the only true King Jesus Christ the only true Son of Yahweh. I, R.3.I.G.N will continue as an child of the most high King of all kings stand firm in the name of Jesus Christ, with my unwavering faith for Christ alone is a chain breaker of our sinful habits.

Souljaz of God Across All Nations Rise Up For Yahweh

Souljaz of Hope, Souljaz of the most high Lord and almighty God, (Yahweh) this is not the time nor will it ever be the time to back down… Arise in the name of Jesus Christ, and boldly spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ, with Christ like love (Matthew 28:19) because not just one person makes up the body of the bride of Christ, but instead we as Souljaz of God in whole make up the body of the bride of Christ, (Revelation 19:7-9) Stand up, Rise up, and Stand firm with unwavering faith and do not weave back and forth on the fence no more with your faith… (Revelation 3:16) Doubt is an enemy to God for doubt brings along the demon friend of fear. (Proverbs 3:5-8) Fear is not our stance unless it is the fear of the Lord for that alone is the beginning building block to wisdom from God. (Proverbs 9:10)

Souljaz of Jesus Christ, (Souljaz of Hope) join me in this battle that already has the victory stance and the victory seal in place. (Deuteronomy 20:4) Arise with me, beside me in spirit (1 Corinthians 6:17) and lets show this world who our God really is a God of L❤ve a God of healing. A healing that can spread across the nations. Souljaz 4 Christ, Become God driven, Kingdom Minded (Roman 12:2) and think on a global scale to help God complete His plans across the globe… We cannot continue to be passive with sharing the Gospel (Ephesians 6:19) people are dying daily at a fast rate because of the covid-19 The covid-19 is labeled a pandemic event. We need to rise above the devil and the covid-19 virus and help God make REVIVAL unto God a pandemic event throughout the globe. [Revival Throughout Nations]

So, Souljaz 4 Christ, will you join me in this battle and fight the spiritual fight of sin, (Ephesians 6:12) that has been plaguing the world since Adam and Eve, (Genesis 3) Souljaz we must take heed of God’s Word and adhere to His word while fighting the fight against sin while wearing the armor of God constantly to win souls for Jesus Christ. (Ephesians 6:10-18)

Abba, I release this post into a public format I ask Lord, that slumbered Souljaz arise as well established Souljaz arise to new growth heights in your name sake Amen.

My hopes are, you are inspired and enjoy the content shared here. I invite you to join the Soulja of Hope movement by spreading our content across the globe, because many souls depend on it!


    1. Hello Matthew Winters, Thank you for sharing your thoughts… My prayers are with you and your family.

      Abba, Thank you for Matthew Winters, I have been reading the content from Matthew Winters, and I am impressed with the direction you have called upon Matthew Winters, heart.

      Lord, I pray that you protect Mr. Mathew and his family… Lord I pray that you invoke your spirit upon Matthew Winters, in a deeper aspect so he can in a stronger aspect reach nations through your name sake Lord. I thank you for calling you have placed upon his soul for he is making a mighty impact with your name sake Yahweh. Amen.

      Mike aka R3ign

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