Hello I am Partially Back To Writing Again

Hello everyone I am back after some quiet time… The reason I wasn’t writing is because I had an old leg injury that became inflamed and when I spoke to the doctor over the phone and told the doctor what was going on the doctor felt it was best I went on bed rest to promote faster healing since I could barely bare weight on my leg.

Ana, has sure been a lot of help during the bed rest process and was there to help me get out of bed when I absolutely needed to get out of bed. The process has been quite hard at times more so for her but she is a true champ and without her by my side the bed rest process would have been much harder.

I cannot guarantee yet that I am back to writing fully yet. But I am just taking it one day at a time. Today is the first day I can sit in a chair with manageable pain. I truly miss writing because writing is one of my passions. I just wanted to get on here real quick to explain why I haven’t been writing lately. My hopes are you are feeling well as well your family. Ana and I are doing well staying home due to the stay at home order in place.


Currently jamming Too


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