The devil Is On The Rise And So Should Christ’s Disciples Be On The Rise More Than Ever Before

Hello Souljaz of Hope a lot has happen this past couple of months. All of our lives have been turned upside down. It is a new era for Christians I am speaking about the Disciples of Yahweh… I have been researching online since the beginning of the covid-19 pandemic and through the word of God I can surely see the devil’s devices are coming into play more than ever before. As Souljaz 4 Christ we need to rise up and spread the Word of God in a Christ-like loving manner… There is no reason why we cannot do such for the internet makes this aspect very possible.

These past few weeks the Lord has really been removing the blinders off my eye’s and the devil refuses to get it that he already lost the battle for Jesus Christ, (Yeshua) has already attained the victory stance and there is NO way Jesus Christ, is going to let the victory out of the grip of His hand no matter how much the devil tries to defeat Jesus,

As Christians children of Yahweh we can bank off the fact that victory is on our side NO matter what comes are way. While I was on bed rest the devil surely tried to play tricks with my mind and get me to feel defeated. The battlefield is surely in the mind and the devil had another thing coming when he tried to get me to doubt God’s (Yahweh) love and His ability to be there in the moment of battle. When the devil tried to get me to doubt God I choose to dig my heels in deeper I say this because the devil said the following to me.

The devil Said To Me

You should be very afraid of the storm I am brewing against you.

My Reply To The devil

Oh I should be afraid huh? Wait a minute satan you should be very afraid instead for I am the STORM through YAHWEH and I am going to use the Living Word of Yahweh against you!!!


Soulja Nation this is not the time to play church and look good around others this is the time we need to stand up and remain firm in the word of God and teach the word of God, as well display to others the love of Christ… satan has made it quite clear that it is war and we must respond according to the word of God. which is Ephesians 6:12 and Ephesians 6:12 states we are not fighting against flesh (humans)

For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.

Spiritual forces of evil” This key phrase found in the scripture shows us what we as Yahweh’s disciples are really warring with and we cannot be passive about it. We need to wear the armor of God at all times every second of our lives and stand firm against the evilness that tries to prevail at conquering souls. The devil knows he cannot force you to sin because the devil cannot go against your free will so the devil uses power of suggestion and appeals to the person(s) desires.

The way a person defeats such attack is to use the word of God as a double edge sword and not feed the desires of which leads to sin. There is many people out in the world that are spiritually blinded that they don’t realize what their desires are doing to themselves and others around them spiritually this is why as a Soulja 4 God it is our duty to teach others through the word of God and our Christ-like actions how God would like us to live in alignment with his Living word.

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