A Warm Welcome To Many New Subscribers And A Humble Thank You To The Veteran Readers

Hello Soulja Nation, I noticed today that S.o.H has almost 400 subscribers I am humbled by the veteran readers that have seen many changes here in the past 3 yrs and had stuck it through during the bad changes and have encouraged me to push forward and refocus. As well, I am humbled by the new subscribers that have also subscribed wanting to be alerted of new content.

I won’t hash out the labor pains of this website or my life journey through the past three years. But what I will say is Soulja of Hope is, a new platform concept since January 2020. Since covid I have noticed the traffic going up and it is usually on the posts where I write bolder content. I have also noticed that those bolder posts is when I started to see higher subscriber rate as well higher traffic to the website… This tells me as the admin of the website by those two metrics that people are hungry for non watered down truth… I truly believe that the scare factor of covid early on awoke a lot of individuals minds up and they were looking for truth in many aspect forms with God being one of those topics.

Truly covid has changed lives in many aspects and for some it was bad changes even, high amounts of death as well… My heart is truly saddened by the death count and the individuals that are still here in grief. On the other hand covid has hit close to home for I and Ana, as well in many aspects. covid shattered our business dreams that we were going to fund the S.o.H ministry with so we could give back to the communities that surround us in many ways. But I do believe God has a better plan than I or Ana, could ever come up with.

Soulja of Hope,is NOT just a ministry platform aspect it is more importantly a lifestyle we live as worship unto Yahweh daily every second of our life. I and Ana, are highschool sweethearts but I emotionally hurt her deeply when I broke up with her as teenagers. There was something she said to me back then that crawled under my skin and brought me to my knees in 2011 before God. I say this because I truly didn’t care about myself and I was in a gang Ana, told me God wants NO soul left behind so she prayed off and on for 22 yrs of separation between us she told me in the past couple of years she noticed I had a soldier mindset back then as a teenager but, that focus was misguided So, Ana, prayed that God would reach me and bring me out of the gang and help me refocus my mindset to become Kingdom minded as a Soulja for God… After 22 years of not seeing Ana, I was facing a divorce because my wife at the time was having an affair and even though I tried to reconcile the marriage my wife at the time had emotionally moved onward with her new lover.

Our marriage was coming to an end and I was facing being homeless and God brought Ana back into my life. So Ana, from a friend aspect rented a room in her home to me since I was facing being homeless during the winter. About 6 yrs ago Ana, had a major stroke and it took her ability to read she was hungry for God’s word and asked me to read and teach the bible to her, Things didn’t go as planned because I was suffering from a great amount of pain and I let that pain drive me away from God. (We are both now in the word of God daily) At the time the website was called Soulja 4 Christ, But Ana, confronted me and said R3ign why are you faking your faith walk after all that God has done for you throughout life… R3ign you are not just stabbing God in the back you are also misleading others and is God happy about that?

Ana’s statement and question placed a itch in my mind I couldn’t shake off so I started to go to God more and as I read the word of God more by January 2020 God asked me to change the website name from Soulja 4 Christ, to Soulja of Hope, I asked God why and God said it is because spiritual majority also brings a new mindset and the current website name doesn’t reflect such. After the divorce Ana, and I started to date again and she has been a true blessing from God I say this because she confronts me when I become misaligned with my faith walk.

Before I was concerned about the subscribe and traffic rates but NOT now because the importance of those metrics is useless when it comes to harvesting Souls for God. So, that brings me to my next point about S.o.H I truly believe S.o.H needs to be a lifestyle over content metrics or a ministry platform aspect. Since January 2020 my attitude has changed in many aspects I say this, because my passion and focus is now about putting the devil on notice and displaying through written content as well my daily life actions to reflect God in all aspects of my life. Before covid was announced to the mass public God approached me and said the following to me. (Below)

God: R3ign, Everyone is about to experience a great shift in many aspects people in a mass amount is going to become more mindful for the blinders are about to be ripped off. Son, I am going to bring you forth front and center of the stage of this world event and I am going to ask you to complete a hard task harder than you have ever done before. I am as Lord and Savoir is going to use your writing skills to reach nations and awake their comatosed minds Spiritually many are going to become awaken but that they will need to have someone to look up to as a human to lead them in the right direction. Son do NOT fear I will provide the topics and the words to say just be faithful and complete your tasks I place upon you and You will begin to see the calling upon your life become born.

After God said to me above God brought the following video below to my attention and as I watch the video I could surely see God was replying to a bold prayer I said back in 2015 The message was, to be able to complete the bold prayer of 2015 I was going to have to become someone I didn’t know or believe I could become.

At this point of the faith Journey in my life this what I am going through and that is to become the person I never thought I could become to display undeniable results about God and only through the power of God, Many that know me in person have told me that the bolder content I am sharing via this website is NOT who I use to be and they are shocked that God has changed me that much.

My Final Words

To the veteran readers thank you for sticking through the hardship pains and for encouraging me to fight harder to push harder for God. My heart is truly humbled by that experience. To the new concurring readers My hopes are you will also become more stronger in your faith walk with God as God utilizes me to share the content I share here via S.o.H Veteran readers I ask of you also to grow stronger in your faith walk as well for the end prize is very worth it!

God has brought forth change in my life and that means nothing if I don’t act upon that aspect with actionable faith and the Leadership of Yeshua (Jesus Christ) for Jesus, is our great example.

God has brought forth new boldness within me and I am going to follow God’s direction for the boldness to be able to create change within this world. In a near future post I will explain further into this aspect.

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