I am Excited To Announce Soulja of Hope Has A New Domain

as of lately I have been talking about change as well how in the past I would start projects and become bored and leave the project work unfinished. Since mid January I have been thinking about the WordPress.com upgrade for the two following reasons

1 Easier to remember url for the website compared to the WordPress.com sub domain url

2 WordPress,com Ad removal.
This one was an important aspect to me since I write about Yahweh I have had friends and family ask me over the years why when I go to your website am I seeing offensive ads at times combine with the content you wrote. I simply had to explain I had no control over the ads WordPress.com displayed unless I bought the upgrade to have the ads removed. Well, I bought the upgrade so NO more ads!

The other reason I paid for the upgrade is because I wanted to place myself into a mindset position of I purchased a domain now I must not quit because I am taking the writing aspect via S.o.H more serious. This not something I rushed into I prayed for quite a few months and waited patiently for God to answer.

The new url can take up to three days before working properly but I encourage you if you have the old url book marked to update your bookmarks with the following new url https://souljaofhope.com

R3ign Saying Thank You

Thank you to everyone that stops by to read the content I share. Like I mentioned in my previous post I am still in the early stages of my calling but I believe it can only become more enriched from this point forward for Yahweh is such a Great loving God that always has the best care in mind.

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