What Is Soulja of Hope All About Part 1

R3ign Reflecting In Thought

This Post is long because it is more of the behind the scene elements that God brought forth to bring the concept element of Soulja of Hope lifestyle to life. I will explain in part 2 in more detail

Hello Soulja Nation, Today I would like to write about the behind the scene aspect of Soulja of Hope this post element will bring forth understanding why the lifestyle aspect of being a Soulja of Hope, is important. Back in 2015 I found myself on my knees crying hard telling God that I was concerned with the lack of Christians going beyond the church walls I was telling God I was also guilty of the aspect of going to church and leaving the Christian mindset at the church doors.

I mentioned in that prayer I wanted God to use me in a bold way for Heaven to set this issue straight. I say this because I had begun to notice that many people where going to church but many souls were still being untouched because of the mindset of keeping church behind the church walls. According to the bible we are suppose to be the church so the keep the church lifestyle behind church walls goes against the bible (Matthew 28:19-20) and the bible teaches us about becoming fisher of men. (Matthew 4:19) A few days later after I said the bold prayer Yahweh had the following conversation with me.

Conversation I Had With God During The Year Of 2015

God: Son, I heard your bold prayer of disconnect but what are you going to do about that burden you feel on your heart?

R3ign: I don’t know Lord the quest seems impossible to embark upon.

God: R3ign you say impossible but I am a loving God of all things being possible! (Luke 1:37) So with my powers how are you going to approach the burden on your heart?

R3ign: I do not know???

God: R3ign (son) I have no interest with the lack of faith you are displaying. You came to me in prayer and spelled out the issue your mind awoken to. You requested my help with this issue and now you are running from this responsibility? This is your typical attitude in life which is giving up.

R3ign: God that was harsh. 😞

God: Son, harsh or truthful? Son, you know I don’t shy away from speaking truth and I call sin out as it is I don’t comprise with telling the truth I confront hard issues humans try to avoid. I never came to you out of anger I confronted you out of pure love. Do you think that burden on your heart showed up one day by it self? I think not I placed that burden on your heart in your mothers womb and waited until the right time frame to unlock it within your mind.

Son, that burden you sense is the beginning itch in your mind to set you on the pathway of your calling the very reason I called you forth into your mothers womb. So, son with playing games aside how are you going to approach this burden on your heart? Let me help you out a bit here it is 2015 and it will be quit some time before you are fully ready to embark on the hard task. So, seek me first get to know your Heavenly fathers heart from a truthful aspect through the bible and I will do my part to shape you into the person that will confront the issue you prayed about.

R3ign: God you are right.

Fast Forward From 2015 To 2020

From 2015 to December 2019 I found myself wrestling with God I was having a hard time accepting some hard facts about myself that God was bringing forth to my attention. Here is that conversation.

Year (2018)

God: Hello son, do you have time to talk with me?

R3ign: Yes Lord what do you want to talk about?

God: I remember during the year of 2015 that you came to me with a bold prayer between church and ministering to lost souls on the streets and you pointed out the lack of Christians soul seeking beyond the church walls… It is now 2018 and I see that you have placed that prayer request aside.

R3ign: Oh Yeah I barely remember that prayer I guess I was serious about it then but, now life is busier…

God: Son, Really? You are going to be passive like that? I haven’t forgot I remember word for word here you go let me remind you!

R3ign: WOW GOD, why did you do that? That memory brought me to my knees in tears you know how I feel about crying because of the abuse I endured as an child when I would cry. Do you really love me? or are you having fun bringing me to tears?

God: Son, no I don’t like making you feel uncomfortable but I also don’t like the fact you are coming with a so what attitude about your prayer back in 2015. That prayer was the spark of your calling from your Heavenly father. I love you beyond your finite mind can measure love.

R3ign: Your love seems harsh right now.

God: Son, three years have gone by and the devil is on the prowl, do you think the devils plans are on hold because you placed your prayer request on hold because you want to avoid the responsibility that comes with such issue?

R3ign: Silent (conversation ends)

Mid 2019

R3ign: Lord are you there?

God: Yes, Son I am always available!!!

R3ign: I am finding myself not being able to shake the thought of the prayer in 2015 and it is starting to bother me deeply because my mind won’t reset So, I set out to try and fix the issue I prayed about in 2015 and it is failure after failure.

God: Son, you have lost the Soulja mindset and you have lost the zeal of chasing after my powers to help you, instead you have taken it upon yourself to complete the work in your own strength hence why all the failures.

R3ign: Lord I am speechless (conversation ends again on my end)

December 2019 2 weeks before 2020

God: Son, Will you talk to me?

R3ign: Yes Lord,

God: Son, I have told you many times throughout these past years the devil is not putting his plans on hold because you choose to be passive. 2020 is around the corner and the devil has a grand plan to turn the world up side down. I am tired of the games I am the Lord that giveth and I can taketh as well, (Job 1:21) you have until January 1 2020 12:01am to repent and get onboard or I will find another willing vessel to complete the calling you prayed about.

R3ign: Really? but Lord you said I was born for this calling.

God: I did that is why I am still giving you a chance to repent and embrace that calling but the games you are playing I am not interested with because it is getting in the way of spiritual business… This my final warning.

I wrestled with God for the rest of the 2 weeks

R3ign: time frame December 31st 11:50pm I fall to my knees crying I try to utter words all I got out is please forgive me and I ended up crying myself to sleep:

God: Early morning of January 1st 2020, Son, wake up I have a message for you!

R3ign: Yes Lord, I know I failed to yield. 😞 I lost my chance with the calling you placed upon my life. 😭

God: Son it is actually the opposite! I am proud of your faithfulness. 😊 I called out to you to let you know I am thankful you repented and I listen to your moans and groans from your soul as you cried yourself to sleep. The calling is yours but no more running from me as your Lord and Savior. Embrace the responsibilities that come with the calling I have placed upon you. I will be by your side to help you. I ask that you please listen to the following song it will seem confusing at first I will explain when you return to the conversation.

R3ign: ???

God: Son for the past 5 years you have been running from the responsibilities your prayer in 2015 invoked Son, the flesh side of humans is an enemy unto Heaven for the flesh side desires sinful aspects you have lost the zeal to chase after me and confront your flesh side

Son, the video is misunderstood by many the singer is having an conversation with his flesh side stating bring it on for the spiritual side of him is becoming stronger. Son, with the blood of Jesus which you can grasp and embrace will bring about an emotional all time high and knowing the fact I provide life beyond earth brings forth the hope to Soulja up to embrace your calling which won’t be understood at first by many individuals and the devil will become fearful and bring relentless attacks against you in many forms but, do NOT fear for I will be there with you at all times.

R3ign: Oh boy Lord things are becoming real in my mind

God: Son, the devils attack in a few months will make it even more real in your mind. Kill your flesh side daily follow my instructions to the key aspect and become spiritually reborn through my powers and instructive living word.

My instructions for now. Go to the Soulja 4 Christ website and publicly repent leave that post up for one week and don’t write anything else then after one week change the website name from Soulja 4 Christ to Soulja of Hope and delete all content written during the time frame the website was called Soulja 4 Christ and restart.

R3ign: Lord I haven’t wrote any posts via Soulja 4 Christ for months now. But I will do what you asked of me.

1 week Later

R3ign: Okay Lord I did what you asked and I have spent this past week trying to grow closer to you.

God: Son, embrace yourself because you choose to run from me for five years the devil is about to release an attack on earth in an couple months and as I mentioned a few years back you will know when your calling will kick off it will be like a spiritual 4th of July like I told you a few years back.

R3ign: Lord we are having an covid breakout across the globe is this the devil attack you spoke about?

God: Yes! Son, Don’t fear I will protect you. As you know I will not let the devil win I have counter plans with the devils attacks…

R3ign: What now Lord?

God: Wait upon my queue and remain under my wing of protection so the devil don’t become aware what I am about to complete through you. You will know within when to leave from the nest of my protective wings because a new Holy Spark will ignite within you. If your unsure seek me and I will confirm if it is right timing.

R3ign: Lord, we need to talk

God: Yes Son,

R3ign: Lord, covid is killing people at a rapid pace. Is, this the attack from the devil you spoke about that would ignite a new Holy flame within me.

God: Yes! son, please follow my instructions precisely Post a post with the words I place upon your mind and post the following video to announce I am releasing you into the battlefield to begin your calling that will become a counter attack against satan. and his cohorts.

R3ign: did I hear you right?

God: Yes! Son, you heard me right I am releasing you from my protective wings the devil will quickly learn my tactics through your calling. Don’t become relaxed wear the full armor of God I provide. It is a war zone on the battlefield. The timing is correct many individuals attention is heighten right now and I am going to place you on the stage to speak about me and you will continue to from that point forward. If you serve me with all your heart and soul I will protect you from covid and I will organically grow the following of Soulja of Hope website because I want to utilize you as a willing vessel to help me as Lord and Savior unto mankind understand who I really am, I want them to know my mercy, forgiveness and love towards everyone.

Quite frankly son you are going to become a leader that sparks a powerful lifestyle movement and this will counter the devil in many ways… Son, I am going to be straight forward the devil is going to try and take you out but I will protect you as long you keep your free will in alignment with my living word I say this because if you go rogue with your free will then you alone are blocking my protection.

My final Words For This Post

Within the past couple of years the devil has tried to have me killed and after I started posting content God placed upon my mind to share since covid the devil knew he failed at killing me in the past. So, the devil used some people that once was close to me they set forth an attack plan against my character and yet again the Lord (Yahweh) protected me through it all. I will explain in part two the aspect of Soulja of Hope but God asked me to make public in this post the behind the scene content that lead me here now.

As the months move forward here in 2020 my faith walk has grown bolder and going forward it is only going to get bolder and when the Lord showed me the video below I found myself relating to the video in a bold manner. I say this because from 2015 onward I spent unnecessary energy running from my calling and yet it has only been five months and bold changes have taken place because of the Living word in combination of God’s mighty power. Thank you for taking the time to read this post I look forwarding hearing from you! 😊

Continue to Part 2

Here is The Video I Mentioned About Relating To

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  1. God does not compel us to go against his will but he provides many opportunities to make us willing to do his will. You were born for this time and season. You cannot fail when you obey God.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Pure Glory, My apologies for my late reply. I agree with your comment 100% thank you also for your encouraging words… I also would like to take a moment to thank you for the content you write as well God has used your writing via WP and FB to upload me during my low times in life…

      I am truly inspired by your obedience unto Yahweh. Keep on being you! brother in Christ for you are a motivator in my eyes.

      Liked by 1 person

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