Prayer For 5-8-2020

Abba (Father) Thank you for this day you have brought forth Lord, Help me today to be more on fire for you Yahweh. Lord, I pray for your help today to walk stronger in faith and to teach me today how to have a stronger love for others as your son Jesus Christ, displayed towards others… Lord, today I awoke and the thought that entered my mind was to walk away from Soulja of Hope, Lord it is either fear creeping in or the devil is trying to get me to quit again… Maybe its both or one or the other that I mentioned either way Lord, you have showed me that it is not an option because souls are at stake and there is a spiritual war that is tough and that toughness requires a new level of Christians (Servants) unto you Yahweh.

As each day arrives the presence of evilness grows stronger this is not by surprise for the bible speaks of such. Lord as each day grows colder I, as your faithful servant needs to turn up the Holy fire within so my heart doesn’t become harden again like it has in the past. Lord, you know how I feel about crying because the abuse I had endured growing up but yet for the past three weeks I find myself crying at random and sense my heart becoming more warm rather than cold. Oh Lord, this is you alone as Messiah cleansing my heart of pain I have carried for years.

Oh Lord, I am guilty of running in the past when you presented five years ago my calling… Lord, I even questioned you in the past five years if you were making the right decision to place the calling that was placed upon my heart. Lord, recently I asked you what was the true meaning of Soulja of Hope and why I was placed in the position to lead the lifestyle movement and you told me the following.

Yahweh’s Response

God: Son, first off I love you so much! I heard your question, why I choose you to lead the lifestyle moment of being a Soulja of Hope through you. Son, the pain you have endured throughout life was caused by decisions you have made throughout life as well decisions of others surrounding you. Oh Son. As I created you in your mothers womb I knew in your 40s that your heart would become sparked by my Heavenly powers. Son, when I created you in your mothers womb I placed Heavenly gifts within you that would aid you with your calling in your 40s.

Son, I understand your calling isn’t easy at times this is why as I prepared you these past 5 years I came to you and told you that your calling would be the hardest task you would ever embark upon. I knew this knowledge when I created you in your mothers womb so I took into count the Heavenly gifts you will need to succeed. Son, as an child your earthly dad drilled into your mind failure is not an option and when he would become drunk he would beat you and you became afraid of rejection and failure. Son, I know the past five years why you ran from the responsibility the prayer you said in 2015 sparked. It was because you were convinced you were going to fail and by failing you were afraid I would reject you.

Son, it was quite the opposite these past five years as you failed to complete your calling in your own strength I still came to you, as you rejected me as Lord and Savior and I still loved you and encouraged you as well corrected you like a loving parent should even though as my child you rejected me as your Holy Father. Son, I will never forsake you, your calling is not easy at all but I will be there every step of the way and the victory of my Son Jesus Christ, will prevail you can bank on that fact. 😊

Son, to answer the question of the Soulja of Hope, lifestyle the concept is nothing new I say this because my Son Yeshua (Jesus Christ) lived it even breathed the lifestyle so humanity could have hope of my love and powers upon their life. His lifestyle was the true example how to honor me and His death was the true gift of life beyond earth for the individuals that accept me through Jesus Christ and live out their remaining life on earth as a worship unto me as Lord and Savior.

Son, I choose you to lead the lifestyle movement because I, wanted to gift you that calling… Son think about it you are like a modern day Saul turned to Paul, with the heart of David and the leadership qualities of Young Jeremiah. Oh, R3ign (son) the powerful stance I have granted you will allow you see that in my eye’s you really are a somebody through me as Yahweh, even though all your life you have believed you are a nobody. R3ign, as you begin to witness the lives you affect through my Heavenly powers you will become strengthen and encourage to dig deeper within to have an unstoppable relationship with me. Instead of the old behavior of a hot and cold relationship.

Oh Lord, found myself crying shortly after I awoke today. Lord, my heart aches because there is so many individuals that still don’t see the importance of you Lord. As these days grow more evil I am left facing the fact that individuals hearts are growing colder as well. Lord I know this stance very well for I have done a lot of evil things throughout life, but now all I want to do is honor you Lord. Lord I understand it is each individuals decision how they respond to the response of Your Son Yeshua (Jesus Christ)

Lord as you know growing up I was taught that promises are fake but yet I found myself a year ago making a promise to you Lord to get my life on track and to be a faithful servant with worship unto you Lord. I must admit it is a struggle at times. Oh Father, please help me live out that promise each day faithfully unto you Lord.

P.s. Lord I am ready to be baptized with the fire of the Holy Spirit when you are ready to do so. (Acts 1:8) Amen.

Thank you for your time I truly appreciate the time you took to read this post.

R3ign, 💯❤

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