Thank you And I appreciate You

Watz Soulja Nation, I wanted to say thank you for entrusting me to teach how to have a bolder relationship with Yahweh. I have heard true servants of Yahweh over the years say “You will know when you find your calling because that calling will bring true joy to your life because it is true worship back unto Yahweh Over the years I was skeptic when I heard that because I have been searching most of my life for my God given calling then, when Yahweh presented that calling five years ago I found myself running because of the responsibility involved.

Well, these past few months I have taken that calling more serious, So, serious knowing my back history that I took the plunge with purchasing the upgrade knowing my back history of quitting what I start. Well, that cannot happen or the money I spent will become wasted and more importantly I will end up in the same boat as before in disobedience with Yahweh. The reason I love this calling to teach others how to have a bolder relationship with Yahweh is for the simple fact it came from Yahweh. So, if the calling is completed in the guidance of the living Word of Yahweh then it is automatic worship back unto Yahweh. Oh the Father in Heaven is so powerful but so awesome at the same time.

My Final Words

The aspect of serving Yahweh makes this website fun to write on. But knowing I am helping other individual’s makes the writing and research I put forth so worth it!… Soulja of Hope, was sparked by Yahweh, but without “You” as the reader there wouldn’t be a point to write such teachings… My hopes are as this website grows “you” as well as the reader grow bolder in your relationship with Yahweh as well… As an army 4 Yahweh I encourage you to boldly rise up as a Soulja of Hope in your own country and surrounding communities. I truly appreciate you!!! and I am honored to teach you how to live bolder for Yahweh. 😊

Thank you for your time I truly appreciate the time you took to read this post.

R3ign, 💯❤

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