What Is Soulja of Hope All About Part 2

If you haven’t read part 1 I encourage you too, to understand where this post is coming from.

Hello Soulja Nation, welcome back! My hopes are you are doing well! 😊 I truly want to say before I start writing this post Glory to Yahweh. I say this because without Yahweh I wouldn’t even be here writing this post. Like I mentioned in part 1 that the devil has surely tried to take me out… Haha a mini so called god fears the calling laid upon me from a MIGHTY GOD, (Yahweh)

Prayer Before I Start

Well, before I write this post I would like to pray to Yahweh,

Abba, (Father) Thank you for not giving up on me, even though I spent most of my life running from you. Lord you are truly awesome. Lord as you know I was wrestling within to buy the upgrade to remove the WP.com ads that upgrade also offered a domain for this website. Lord as you know I have history because I struggle with two settings “All In” or “All Out” when all in I go the speed of 100% and I end up burning myself out because I become bored. So, I was wrestling with the fact if I purchase the upgrade that is a bit of chunk of money to waste if I walk away from writing like I have done in the past.

Lord, I was having a doubt moment when I was considering the upgrade purchase. I had so many reasons to back out then a thought hit my mind “Why purchase the upgrade no one cares what you have to say” Lord, I was like wait a minute I haven’t spoken to myself like that for almost a year now. That is not my own thought that is a negative seed planted to throw me off the course of my God given calling. Well, I went ahead and purchased the upgrade because I wanted the ads removed and I wanted to place myself in a position to say to myself, Well, r3ign you are now deep in the mud there is no turning back.

Lord Thank you for providing the funds to purchase the upgrade. I dedicate this website and the work put forth from writing back unto you Lord. Lord I pray souls are blessed by the content but I also ask that the content brings forth food for thought and that aspect drives souls towards you Lord Amen.

The Soulja of Hope Lifestyle

I have a hard question for you as the reader to start off this post and that question is Do You feel Like A wimpy Christian At This point of Life? it is okay to admit the answer to this question to yourself privately and before Yahweh. I had to ask myself this question and my answer was “yes” it is okay because our weakness is where Yahweh’s strength shines best (2 Corinthians 12:9)

The Soulja of Hope, lifestyle is about living a bolder lifestyle in a Christ-like manner. The lifestyle is by far anything but easy but is achievable. The devil hates humans regardless because we are made in the imagine of Yahweh. (Genesis 1:27) The devil will have you believe he is scary but really the devil is more afraid of your God given calling and if you set forth to walkout that calling faithfully upon Yahweh, then rest assure the devil is going to target you and try to make life harder for you. My response is bring it on for the glory of suffering like Jesus Christ suffered is honorable before Yahweh as long we align our free will with the word of God. (Romans 5:3-5)

The image above I can relate to most of my life but, I can relate to the image more so now, because since January the devil has come against me hard trying to shut me down from sharing about the mighty love and power of Yahweh, I believe the devil is really ignorant because Jesus Christ, already took the keys to hell and rose up three days later by the power of the Holy Spirit the same Holy Spirit we have access to. So, satan if you come after me you won’t win because Yahweh’s anointing and authority laid upon my life won’t allow you satan to win against me. The proof is in the pudding ingredients I say this because I am still here and I am writing this post exposing you satan. Oh how much joy my heart sings upon my mighty Lord Yahweh that protects me.

The Issue Must Be Spoken About For The Solution To Take place.

The issue is now days most Christians are not really Christians and unfortunately wolves in sheep clothing preach a very watered down version of the living word of Yahweh, and this promotes zombie Christians not true servants unto Yahweh. You may be asking yourself what is a “Zombie Christian” it is a term Yahweh, brought to my attention where many claim they are a Christian but live out the same lifestyle behavior of non Christians or another term called “Pagans” This is NOT a wimpy Christian issue this is flat out fakery of living out a true Christian servant lifestyle unto Yahweh as worship unto Yahweh.

How Does Soulja of Hope Relate To The Issue Spoken Above?

Well, back in 2015 I was tired of claiming I was a Christian but yet feeling lost within. I thought how is this even possible. I’m an child of Yahweh why do I still feel lost? Quite frankly I was allowing my sinful lifestyle to cause a disconnect between me and Yahweh. I was wrestling back and forth the previous post displays that in the conversation aspect. I even disrespected Yahweh by not answering back. But then later on in life I found myself crawling back to Him. I know what a mess huh?

That mess has actually equipped me to speak to you, today because I lived it first hand and that brings an understanding on my end the struggle of living for Yahweh and wrestling back and forth as well… But more importantly it also shows on Yahweh’s end that He never gave up even though I brought forth disrespect to a King of all kings ever know to mankind.

What Is The Point Of All This?

Well, “You” and “Yahweh!” even though I am on track living for Yahweh. as individuals it is our task our duty to be truly obedient before Yahweh for truly you only have yourself to blame if you refuse to live for Yahweh. God is NOT at fault when a person chooses to refuse Yahweh in their life. God provides many opportunities to change because of His mercy, love and forgiveness. Some readers may be thinking to themselves I wish I could live boldly for Yahweh like R3ign does… My answer to that is “YOU” CAN but it depends on your call to action to respond to Jesus Christ, individually like I had done. The living word of Yahweh will only transform you into the boldness needed to live as a Soulja of Hope if “YOU” allow it too. If you don’t align your free will to become in alignment with the Living word of Yahweh then, you will find yourself struggling like I have struggled for the past five years.

The me these past five years and the me now are truly two different people. I can only credit the living Word of Yahweh for such transformation to take place. The same transformation can take place in “You” as well you have to want it badly for the living Word of Yahweh to take root within.

What’s Next?

Well, that depends on what Yahweh sees fit for content being posted here. These past few months I have gone forth to Yahweh, and said I was guilty in the past posting content with my own strength and my own understanding. It was failure after failure. Lesson learnt and I don’t want to continue making the same mistake because souls matter to Yahweh and it is harmful to fake it until a person makes it… A little secret about such attitude it will NEVER work out as planned.

I encourage you, Yes “YOU” reading this article to follow Soulja of Hope, if you haven’t already I say this because the goal is to teach others how to live a bold Christ-like manner lifestyle back unto Yahweh as worship unto Yahweh. Covid has changed the aspect of church and what Christianity truly is. Yahweh is sparking a new Holy Flame level to separate the true servants of Yahweh from the Christian fakery that has been on display for many years.

My Final Words

You have the same option as the rest of us to be a bold Soulja of Hope, but the burning question is how serious are you to have a bold relationship with Yahweh. Jesus Christ, saw the serious importance to die on the cross to provide you the option of forgiveness from Yahweh. Jesus also provided the option to bridge the gap so individuals could have a relationship with Yahweh. But that response is yours to accept or deny because since you were in your mothers womb God’s love has been placed upon you. It is your turn to respond to the call of action upon Jesus Christ, to either to accept or deny a bold relationship with Yahweh. If you accept it surely will NOT be easy for the most part and I plan to speak about that in future posts so I really encourage you to subscribe so you will be informed when new content is available. The subscribe button will be at the bottom of the post.

Thank you for your time I truly appreciate the time you took to read this post.

R3ign, 💯❤

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