Prayer For 5/11/2020

R3ign Praying

Abba (Father) Hello and thank you for everything you do daily. Lord I can remember in 2015 I was a wimpy christian but even back then I had a deep desire to set out and make a difference. Father it is now 5 yrs later and I am living out that prayer. Whom I was then and who I am becoming now, Just wows me because, I’m two different people. I was shy back then and I was afraid of what others thought of me. Now I am moving away from the shy aspect and becoming bolder in my faithwalk towards you Father. Your living word truly transforms! when a person aligns their free will to allow those transforming changes to take root within.

Father you are truthful when you say I will never forsake. Lord back in 2015 you brought forth a person a lot older than me that had 30+ years of leadership and missionary work in africa and that person taught me a lot of things and here I am using those teachings today Lord… Lord your living word and Righteous workings never turn back void.

Father I sense the boldness coming forth through me from you Father. Oh Father my heart aches deeply when I see others suffer because they deny you in their life. Oh Lord I use to have moments early on a few years back with my own life trying to figure out why I was facing so much failure in my life. I know now it was because I blocked your living word to transform me and to shape me. Oh father this task of leading the Soulja of Hope lifestyle movement is scary at times and it brings a bunch of uncertainty at times. Oh Lord I cannot waiver in my faithwalk please help me to grow stronger in faith over fear.

Lord some people think I am nuts for the big dreams I have to help you bring forth a bolder Christian lifestyle in today’s society, when evilness grows stronger by each day. Father I don’t want to just reach my surrounding communities or neighboring surrounding states I want to reach all nations in your name sake. Father I cannot do this alone other individuals need to become inspired to walk out their God given calling for these plans to take root. So, Father here I am front and center with the online stage platform with this blog. Help me by sending organic traffic of individuals that want to live out the boldness for you. Lord my sister said to me today I would like you to send your website link I want to know Jesus better. Oh Lord that shocked me and brings me to tears of joy. 😊💯❤

Father,you placed me in a leadership position, but I am NOTHING without you… Teach me father how to communicate better and to love all of mankind deeper. Lord I am praying for the individuals that come to the Soulja of Hope website to become inspired by your wonders of Heaven. Lord bless their souls and provoke the itch in their minds that won’t let them forget you Lord for you are the true meaning of LOVE. John 3:16 displays such. Lord help me care for the individuals that come here and help me to motivate others and help me by leading individuals I can mentor to draw them into a closer relationship with you Father. In the name of Jesus Christ, I proclaim this prayer and believe that this prayer will come to life in many aspects amen.

My Final Words

I’m still in the wow state these past five months the heights Yahweh has taken me… I truly have a deep passion to teach and encourage others that Jesus Christ, is the only true lifestyle way and aspect for all of our life issues and matters good and bad… God is so good all the time. I was searching youtube for a video to post with this post and I received a notification of a new video upload and before I even clicked on the video I heard Yahweh say R3ign post this video it is on par with your prayer. God never fails and His timing is always perfect.

Thank you for your time I truly appreciate the time you took to read this post.

R3ign, 💯❤

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    1. Yes, Amen! Pure Glory, Yahweh has heard your request and has already been working in the background for He knew this day would come of such request.

      Father (Abba) thank you for Pure Glory, I am in agreeance of a bolder version for Pure Glory as well! Thank you Lord that individuals have the heart desire to request such boldness from you and you alone Yahweh. Pure loving Christ-like boldness that only be acquired through you and your Living word that transforms individuals in a bold manner.

      God Bless!
      Reaching 3veryone In Godz Nationz

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