Watch Out False Prophets God Is Raising Up A New Bolder Bread Of God Fearing Servants

Hello Soulja Nation, Today I must write about something that burns under my skin which is false prophets that purposely deceive others for their own motives…. Before I start I have a question for the readers. | Have you ever seen a wolf in sheep clothing? Let me show you.

Matthew 7:15
15 “Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves.

From a distance if a person saw that image in real life they, may think oh that is a sheep, This why I always measures other individuals teachings against the word of God. Yes! I encourage you to weigh what I say against the Word of God as well. Okay lets move onward to the post.

False Prophets Are Dangerous

According to the following scripture reference (Proverbs 9:10) that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom… False prophets, leaders, teachers, preachers, they don’t operate from the fear of the Lord they are driven by other motives that are not of Yahweh. They are not always easy to pick out and even though we cannot judge a person we are allowed to judge the fruit they produce to be able to determine if they are false or not.. (Matthew 7:16–20) I must say, you must be very careful making such determination you’ll also need to pray about the situation on a per situation basis.

I am not going to name blast here for I don’t want to predetermine individuals mindsets that is not what this post is about this post is about How God is raising His standard and how a New bolder God fearing servants are going to arise in God’s army countering such lies being spewed upon the nations.

A New More Bolder Breed of God Fearing Servants Are Rising Up

As covid continues to wreck havoc Yahweh is working behind the scenes forming His army of bolder Souljaz. A few months back the Almighty Lord, said the following to me.

God: Hello son, I am coming to you to talk with you about my up coming plans because you are apart those plans right now as well certain other individuals I have entrusted to help me as Lord, & Savoir build up a more bolder army of faithful servants unto the great I AM (Yahweh) Son, this task is not easy but rewarding because new lost souls will become hungry for the bold truth of the Living word being shared.

R3ign: Lord, I am not following fully I’m confused how do I play a part in these plans is there a lot of God fearing Souljaz completing this task or a Selected amount?

God: Son, I am happy you asked! I’m selecting a select amount of my children to step into a bold leadership position throughout all nations right now… These new found leaders through my Authority and Powers are going to rival the water down truth that has been going around for years. They will boldly seek lost souls and encourage those souls to embark on a new bolder relationship journey with I, Yahweh.

Covid has placed fear in many individuals and they are seeking truth and many individuals want organic truth, not truth mixed with lies but, many individuals don’t know whom to trust. This is where you come into play as well other selected amount of God fearing children of mine throughout the nations come into role of their calling as a new found bold leader. I, as Lord And Savior is covering every corner of the land with nations on earth in many languages too, bring forth you and select amount of other faithful servants as bold leaders to awaken the bolder version of the army of God.

R3ign: Lord, this looks as you are taking severe direct measures to counter satans lies over the years. Why Lord, Why the bolder aspect of a Christian from this point forward after covid has become a part of everyone’s life?

God: Son, like you have said to me as your Lord and Savior in the past few years. You, are tired of the word Christian and the lack of meaning behind it now days. R3ign, My Sons name is a part of that word CHRISTian I will no longer allow my Sons, name to become watered down and mocked like that without vengeance but to bring a wrath of vengeance I, as Yahweh, first must take the necessary steps to teach right from wrong. This is me as Lord and Savior, providing mercy and the opportunity of forgiveness before the wrath becomes poured out from Heaven.

As individuals begin to grow bolder in their relationship with I, the great I’ AM they will realize that the water down version is the incorrect lifestyle version unto Yahweh as worship. The devils version of being a Christian will become exposed and the people that want to continue to call themselves Christians and continue onward sinning without forethought of their sinful lifestyle then when they become punished many will see the fake version of Christians received the wrath of God. Son, like I said previously I want to offer mercy and the opportunity for forgiveness before such wrath ever took place. Hence why I am sending out a selected amount of my children prepared to walk into bolder leadership positions so they can start the harvest work and as more children join my army they will harvest for Yahweh in a bold manner as well not comprising the truth of the living Word of Yahweh and many individuals then can become spared from my wrath in the end result.

R3ign: Lord, I understand I will do my best to do my part of my God given calling upon my life.

God: Son, thank you! It surely won’t be easy but I will be there every step of the way. Son, remember when I captured your heart with (Jeremiah 29:11-14) well son, I’m bringing forth that promise into your life now. 😊

Well, The Writing Is On The Wall By Yahweh

Well, as you can see from above Yahweh spelled it out meaning His plans going forward hence why a new breed of bolder Christians, servants that won’t comprise and will serve Yahweh no matter what. With covid for many these are scary times but at the same time God is bringing forth a selected amount of bold leaders to lead individuals from fear into faith that in-return draws individuals towards the Love of Jesus Christ and as the army of Yahweh grows more individuals will discover their calling from Yahweh and will join the soul harvest field hence how the devils lies will become countered.

My Final Words

Never in a million years would I ever had thought my calling from Yahweh would be a bold leadership stance. Quite frankly the old me had ran from such responsibility when first presented to me a few years back but, here I am embracing that calling now!. For the past few years God was coming to me through the word of God preparing my heart and mind for such position… I cannot be boastful or ignorant with such calling either I must approach the call from God, with Godly care and Christ-like love. My actions and my words MUST be God centered and God only driven. There is no room for me to get in the way.

Covid didn’t kill me per say but spiritually seeing the destruction covid is causing woke my mind up and brought me to my knees in tears… I told God at that very moment you are right I have been running these past 5 yrs and the devil kept pushing forward with his plans to destroy mankind. Lord, I want to be a vessel unto you, and only for your name sake count me in I see now the importance to align my free will with the living word of God.

As for the individuals purposely seeking out their own desires over Yahweh’s desires speaking forth the watered down version of the truth of the living word of God to the mass public you know deep down it is wrong but have grown resistance against the correction coming forth from the Holy Spirit. Back down and repent because it will not end well in the end if you continue to spread false teachings of the word of God unto the mass public. (Jeremiah 23)

God’s new bolder army of the most high Yahweh, will counter such lies with the truth of the living word of Yahweh, that can be fact check by anyone wanting to turn to the bible. False Prophets hear the Holy Spirit calling out for repent and correction for purposely deceiving the mass public or meet the wrath of God in the time frame Yahweh, chooses to pour such wrath upon earth and become a public display of what happens going against Yahweh purposely in the sake of your own driven motives upon the sake of fragile souls that cannot tell you are deceiving them.

False Prophets lay low because the Bold Servants of the most high of YAHWEH will prevail against your lies and we as an Authoritative bold army of Yahweh will Rise Above your lies and EXPOSE those Lies With the TRUTH of YAHWEH.

Isaiah 54:17  No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord, and their righteousness is of me, saith the Lord.

Thank you for your time I truly appreciate the time you took to read this post.

R3ign, 💯❤

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