In The End Living Out My Own Desires Doesn’t Even Matter Verse Yahweh’s Desires For My Life

This pubic journal entry is for future self reflection as well my hopes are that these journal entries will encourage other individuals see and understand the struggles that come with being a servant unto Yahweh.

Watz Up Soulja Nation! Welcome back I’m happy you have come back! May God, (Yahweh) continue to strengthen you daily. 😀

Living Out My Own Life Desires In The End Doesn’t Even Matter

R3ign Self Reflecting

As of lately I have been doing a lot of self reflecting I’ve been doing such to seek area’s in my life that need to come into alignment with Yahweh… As I’ve been reflecting I have come to realize in the end it doesn’t even matter to live out life based off my own desires through the flesh side of me. Everything surrounding my life aspect has been crashing around me I had to lose it all to realize that Yahweh’s desires for my life is, way better in the long run.

It has not been easy accepting the flaws related to the flesh side within me that need to be addressed and changed but it is much needed to live in alignment with the Living word. That is why this is, So important! at least to me at this point. Because while living out my own life desires through the flesh side of me, I was like a bulldozer, bulldozing my way through life to achieve what I felt I needed to achieve in life. According to the Living Word of God in whole this is actually a problem because that lifestyle aspect the flesh side me goes against the living word of God.

I need to be honest here as well, my old lifestyle (flesh) had a lot of bad elements involved. One those elements was I cannot fully live for Yahweh according to the Living Word of God, and this is why I became a quitter in life. It was NOT a Soulja lifestyle stance because on the spiritual battlefield I cannot be a quitter because it is not about me – it is about reaching other souls in this world and I cannot lead the Soulja of Hope lifestyle or stance from a quitter standpoint… I need to live through the spirit side of me and lead by example that the living Word of God teaches.

Yahweh knows I love music as of recently I have been listening to the video below, placing myself in the shoes of having a conversation with the flesh side of me, letting the flesh side of me, know that his days are numbered because the spirit side of me is growing stronger each day. (Thank you Yahweh 😀)

The Lord knows well that the flesh side of me is a quitter and the Spirit side of me is a Soulja minded servant unto Yahweh. As of lately the devil and his demon cohorts have been attacking me relentlessly and this tells me one thing and that is I must be walking down the pathway Yahweh wants me to walk. I cannot help but laugh at the devil because he comes across as this scary god towards everyone but yet, behind the scenes the devil is afraid of what Yahweh is completing through me and other Souljaz of Hope.

Oh the devil hates it when I bring him to the stage front and center when I write via the Soulja of Hope platform… What am I, suppose to say to satan “Sorry?” Nope NOT going to happen because I’m “NOT Sorry!” If I cave in to you satan and refuse to talk about you satan when appropriate then I’m hiding truth from other individuals about you. NOT going to happen satan I’m going to do my best to keep it truthful here. 💯

R3ignz Perspective

Living life for ones own desires (the flesh side) can become a trap that leads to ones misery by satan himself. I say this because living out ones own desires in life leads to sinful satiations that opens the doors in a person’s life for satan to misled a person away from Yahweh and Heaven and towards damnation in hell with the devil.

The SOLUTION to this matter is, accepting that the Son, of Yahweh Jesus Christ, (Yeshua) is the only true way to true life beyond earth. Being a Christians does come with hardship just like Jesus Christs endured hardship but partaking in life hardships is rewarding in the end when Yahweh say’s faithful child come on in to your new home in Heaven.

Thank you for your time I truly appreciate the time you took to read this post.

R3ign, 💯❤

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