Open Apology To Anyone I’ve Caused Pain With

This post was first posted on Facebook I have certain individuals that are blocked on facebook but come to my attention that some of those individuals still follow this website. I have also caused possible pain with veteran readers here as well and I want apologize if I have caused any of the veteran readers pain.

I’m Sorry For The Hurt I’ve Caused

To anyone I’ve caused pain with if, I have caused hurt in your life I am truly sorry that my past words and actions caused and brought forth pain in your life. I see the wrong I have done and I have repented for such lifestyle. I am pained with you and I lift you up to Yahweh for healing for I know and admit I cannot not heal anyone.

My hopes are you can forgive me and that you will yield to Yahweh’s healing I’m truly sorry for the pain I’ve caused. I won’t sit here and begin to say I understand your pain because I don’t understand fully the pain I have caused you, only Yahweh, does and that is why He is a better fit to work with you with the healing aspect.

I have learned my lesson Yahweh has made sure of that and I am trying my best daily to become a better version of myself that doesn’t promote hatred and hurt anymore. I am striving to help Yahweh promote love, mercy, forgiveness, and true life beyond this world. But I must release the past me first before I can move forward.

I didn’t feel it would be right to move forward without apologizing first God has asked me to leave no stone unturned so here I am facing this matter I have caused in life through past decision making that didn’t have God involved. That is another thing I am trying to change is taking time with Yahweh to make better decisions so I don’t cause more pain in individuals lives from this point forward and onward…

I’m truly sorry. 😢
God Bless!
Reaching 3veryone In Godz Nationz

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